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Readers Choice ~ A Luscious sit down with Ancelli

by on September 19, 2013

Hey folks,

A couple weeks ago I asked you, our fab readers, who are some of the authors you would like to see interviewed. We received some fantastic feedback and I have quite the list of authors to seek out. Have to say it was awesome since some of these authors are new to me. One reader mentioned Ancelli, so here is the first in a series of author interviews that were we re titling readers choice.  Ancelli and I had a sit down and I gotta tell you she is a delightful person, a lot of fun to hang out with. I also checked out her newest release Barely Breathing and toward the end I had to catch my breath due to the twist I wasn’t expecting. This writer weaves an engrossing tale and for little while I lost track of time. Now she is new to me and there were a few things that caught my eye editing wise. As an author myself though, I know through first hand experience you cannot catch everything. And nothing detracted from the story.  I will be looking for more work from this author, her book certainly made me anxious to find more. Check out her interview below and the pretty she brought with her. Have a fantastic day beautiful people.


Interview ~

  1. Who’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?

That’s hard for me to answer, because I have a few I would take with me on vacation, but I am going to say Pepper Pace. I love her stories there unique and different, and I like different, than what you expect in romance novel. She’s one of the authors that inspired me.

  1. Does your writing schedule change in the summer? If so, how?

My writing schedule remains the same year round. I write whenever I have time, in my spare time. It’s my passion, I write to escape.

  1. When do you do your best work? Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I do my best work at night, I’m a night owl. While everyone in the house asleep, I’m up writing.

  1. Do you use any software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?


  1. Pictures or music or other art – What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from life. I like to listen to music while I write, anything from R&B to Country music.

  1. What is your favorite summer snack?

My favorite summer snacks are really year round fruits. All kinds of fruits, especially the exotic ones like Passion fruit, Tamarin, Pomegranate, Quenepa to name a few.

  1. It’s a warm summer Friday night. What are you doing?

Fridays at my house is family night. You might catch us watching a movie, playing games or the WII, or simply enjoying ourselves, by just talking and listening.

  1. Fun question: What’s your favorite amusement ride?

I’m afraid of heights so that limits my answer, but I did enjoy getting on the Journey to Atlantis at Sea World with my daughters, they made it fun, even though I was scared lol.



Barely Breathing, is a story about pain, understanding, betrayal, friendship, mistakes, lies, forgiveness, second chances, and love… between John, Amy and Sophia.

John and Amy Morgan, had been married for years. She was everything to him until her confessions shocked his world, making him see his life in a different light. Everything changed when he took a turn down the wrong road.

Amy Morgan had everything a woman could ask for, a loving husband and son, but she still wasn’t happy. Her unhappiness made her turn to alcohol, leading to bad decisions. Her actions cause a ripple effect that couldn’t be stopped.

Sophia Dean received some shocking news making her loose control of everything, including her daughter Cara. She confesses all of her dark secrets to the last person she ever thought possible, John.

One spark between John and Sophia causes a passion that neither knew existed. Can Amy reclaim what was hers before it’s too late? Can John turn his back on such a powerful connection? And can Sophia just walk away?

A twist of faith and night changes everything for John, Amy and Sophia…


Excerpt ~

He came deep inside her. “Nice way to die,” he said, wrapping his arms around her. The cold came back to them in full effect. They lay down on the dry floor, and he held her tight until they fell asleep, neither sure they’d see another day, but both grateful they’d been able to forget about the pain and hurt for a few, short minutes.


Hours later, John’s eyes slowly fluttered open. It seemed like early morning. “We’re still alive,” he whispered, hardly able to speak. He leaned on his elbow. “Sophia.” He tried to wake her, but she wouldn’t move. Her lips were purple. “Sophia!” He shook her harder—nothing. “Please wake up! You said you wouldn’t leave me.” He pulled her into his arms.

He heard sirens coming closer to them. “Sophia, we’re not going to die. They’re coming to rescue us. Please wake up…” She didn’t move. “Cara needs you.” He stood on shaky legs and grabbed his shirt and put it on her stiff body, not wanting the rescuers seeing her naked. He also yanked on his pants. He picked her up and began to walk to the door.

The rescuers rushed into the cabin, looked at him holding her. “She won’t wake up!”

They ran over to him and took her from his arms. One of them wrapped a thermo blanket over him, but he didn’t care about himself. “Is she going to be okay?”

“Sir, you need to wrap the blanket around your body. You are experiencing hypothermia. She’s still alive. We’re trying to get her body temperature up.”

John wrapped the blanket around him, and could do nothing but watch as they tried to get Sophia to respond.


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One Comment
  1. belindaegreen permalink

    So cool to learn a little more about Ancelli. She is a new author to me but I’m hooked. I loved Forgiveness and Second Chances. At first I was a little reluctant to read it but that book had me reading through the night! It had juicy sub-plots, twist and turns! I was an emotional wreck by the end. I had the opportunity to chat with her during a book club discussion about the book. One of the best discussion we’ve had!

    I’m intrigued by this book. The excerpt of course hooked me. It’s on my Nook to be read. 🙂
    Nice interview! Thank you Ancelli! Great as always Kass

    Belinda G

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