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Take a Look! Wicked, Swat Chronicles – Book One by the Luscious Dahlia Rose

by on September 17, 2013

Dahlia Rose, came by yesterday and brought with her a luscious nugget in the for of a new release. Wicked, Swat Chronicles – Book one. As we all know when Book One is in the title there will be a Book Two. Now I’m not sure about you but I know what I will be reading once it comes out. The pretty she brought with her is sexy and who can resist not one but two men.  Ms. Dahlia has a way with numbers in my opinion. 🙂 I’ll share but only because I have too, cover art below. Not to mention a never before seen excerpt. Which I promise you will want to red once you finish checking out the blurb. You can find all this wonderful wordage under the wicked image of cover art. Y’all know what I love! Did you really think I wouldn’t find a way to mention it again.  Doesn’t matter it’s all good! Don’t forget to let us know what you think and maybe I’ll get Madame Rose to sit down to an interview.

Later, Kass




Sade Padgett crooned at the Silver Note nightclub in New York when she wasn’t working on her doctorate in Physics. She loved her double life. By day, she spent her time in a lab. By night, she let her hair down and became sexy, sultry, and every man’s fantasy. Who knew a crazed fan would jeopardize her life and the job she loved? She soon found herself under the protection of Dahy McGwire and Liam Roarke, two of New York’s finest and part of the SWAT team. Her life was now in their hands, and with the sparks that flew between her and the best friends, they soon wanted to do a bit more than just protective detail. Presented with the opportunity to be with the two sexy cops, Sade chose to be frisked from head to toe and maybe even resist a few times so their strong arms could restrain her. She would enjoy every ounce of pleasure they had to offer. It seemed escaping a madman was going to be the easy part, but when danger comes calling, losing Dahy and Liam may be the one thing her heart can’t endure.


Excerpt ~

Two days later, Sade was still reeling from the delivery to her front door and the obvious sexual attraction she had towards the two men protecting her. Two men who acted more like siblings than partners, and she didn’t want to be the woman to break up that bond. She saw the way they both looked at her and she decided to stay away. It was the only option she could think of.

Along with that, her stalker had ramped up his barrage. Calls came every hour on the hour. Her assailant was absolutely pissed that two cops were sharing her space, protecting her. The auto-changed voice was filled with rage and he screamed more often than not on the phone. The details he gave on what he’d do to her body when he finally had her, how he’d make her pay, made her cringe. They hoped each time he called they could get a fix on his position using a police wiretap, but he was smart, staying on for under a minute each time. Her hands shook each time she had to answer the phone until Dahy muttered fuck it and unplugged the telephone from the wall.

He met her gaze and gave a terse shrug. “We weren’t getting anywhere with trying to track him anyway. Let him stew on not reaching you for a while and then maybe when he can he’ll spew his crap for more than a minute.”

Sade nodded and went back to her room. It was becoming the only place she could call her sanctuary, where she could breathe. Outside, someone wanted to kill her, and in her apartment, two men took over and definitely amped up her hormone level. In her bedroom, there was quiet, she could think and try to work on her doctorate. It was the only piece of normal she had left.

But she was also beginning to feel claustrophobic. Sade was accustomed to being out and about. Since this started, her routine was shot to hell. How long had it been since she took her laptop and went to her favorite coffee shop in SoHo or went shopping? Weeks, she assumed, because she’d started taking cabs to and from work or getting rides from co-workers home. Wanting it just to be over was tame compared to what she was feeling. She wanted him found, castrated, and his balls fed into a blender while he watched. A little vicious, aren’t we? she thought and grinned. He deserved it, so her usual compassionate nature didn’t extend to him. A knock on her door made her sit up ramrod straight in bed. If there was another box, now at her bedroom door, she didn’t know how she’d deal with it.

“Hey, are you okay?” It was Liam’s head that poked into the room.

“As much as I can be being stalked, can’t go to work, can’t go out without wondering if it will be the day he tries to take me,” Sade said and then sighed. “I’m fine. What’s up?”

“We wanted to talk to you. If you don’t want to come out here, we don’t mind coming in,” Liam said.

“No!” Sade scrambled out of bed and took a minute to straighten her yoga pants and T-shirt. “I’ll come out there.”

She noticed Liam’s grin and ignored him as she walked towards the door he held open for her. He didn’t even try to move as she walked past and her shoulder brushed against his hard chest. In the living room, she sat on the blue pastel flowered high back chair across from the couch. It didn’t match the rest of her décor which was more contemporary, in blacks, whites and zebra prints. But it was the farthest seat away from them and, right now, that was best. Sade pulled her feet up under her in the chair. It was September and there was a chill at nights but not enough for the building caretaker to put the heat on. Fortunately, she was one of the lucky ones who had a fireplace in her apartment. It had been converted to gas so if it got too chilly she could turn it on.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” she asked.

“You and us,” Dahy said.

His simple answer made the butterflies take flight in her stomach.

“I don’t understand…”

His ice blue gaze met hers and he defied her answer. “Yes, you do, you felt the attraction you have for us and vice versa.”

“I don’t want to be the one that causes a rift in your friendship. You look to be quite close,” Sade said truthfully.

“We have a solution, one that we’ve come up with that works well for us.” Liam leaned forward. “I want you to hear us out and think logically of what we’re about to say.”

“I’m always on the side of logic.” Sade looked from one to the other.

Dahy began to speak. “We’ve always liked the same type of women or found we had the same feelings for each other’s female friends at the time. You’re right. We’re close, like brothers and even beyond that, so we decided a few years ago to find one woman that could be with both of us…together.”

“So you want one woman to service you both, like jump from his bed to yours?” Sade asked outraged. “There are escorts for that, and if you thought I’d be…”

Liam held up his hand. “No, of course not. We mean us together, a relationship of three. We share the same bed, we go out to dinner together and hold hands, watch movies on the sofa, cuddle by a fire… All in this together and when we make love it’s all of us.”

“Tell me you haven’t thought about being between us, naked, hot and moaning our names.” Dahy’s voice was a soft growl and it gave her goose bumps. “We’ve thought about it constantly in the last few days.”

“I-I have, but what you’re proposing is so out of the norm,” Sade said hesitantly. “But then in other cultures it happens more often and I’ve seen sexual studies saying that both men and women can be fulfilled more fully in such relationships.”

“We would fulfill you more than you thought possible.” A slow smile spread across Liam’s face. “We’ll take it slow, all you need to do is say yes.”

“And if I do say yes, what happens then?” Sade licked her dry lips.

“Dinner for now. Liam is an excellent cook like his mom was,” Dahy said. “When this thing is all over, we’ll take you somewhere nice. Maybe a vacation in Niagara Falls and we can stay on the Canadian side.”

“Why on that side?” Sade asked.

“He likes the golf there,” Liam said solemnly and Dahy punched him in the shoulder. “He also thinks that no one should know he likes golf.”

“Don’t worry, I like it too.” Sade smiled.


“Yes,” she said softly feeling like she conquered one small hill on the mountain called Dahy. Either way, she needed to think this over before she jumped into such a complex relationship. “Can I have a few days to mull this over? I’m not saying no, but I’m not saying yes either. I just need to wrap my mind around it.”

“We should conduct a test,” Dahy said. “To see if we’re compatible.”

Sade narrowed her eyes. “How?”

Liam patted the cushion between him and Dahy. “Sit here and find out.”

Sade took the dare and after a deep breath to settle her nerves, she took the seat offered. “Okay, what now?”

Dahy ran his hand up her arm and she bit her lip. “Your skin is like silk. I already know there’s something between us. That day you grabbed our hands when you went to that door and used our strength to bolster yours… We’re already connected.”

Liam cupped the back of her neck and she almost whimpered. “But this is sure to be the defining moment, one…simple…kiss.”

Suddenly, the firm pressure of his lips was against hers and Sade closed her eyes and let herself be taken away by his kiss.

“Open up for me, Sade, let me taste you,” Liam murmured.

She did what he asked and when his tongue penetrated her mouth, Liam moaned in satisfaction. Dahy’s hands were at her waist and slowly moved upwards to cup her breasts through the loose cotton shirt she wore. It was her turn to give a soft moan from both sensations assaulting her body.

“Time for my sample,” Dahy said and Liam released her.

Dahy cupped her face and kissed her almost savagely, taking what he wanted as he plundered her mouth. She was right in the middle of heaven and hell, the sweetest kiss and unbridled sexual need. Would this be what it was like to be with them both? When Dahy pulled away, they both were panting and Liam’s eyes were dark with desire.

“Think on that, lovely Sade, and everything we’re offering,” Liam said.

She couldn’t even form words to reply. After looking at both of their faces she fled to her room and sat on the bed with shaky legs. They actually expected her to think after that little test? But she did, and came to the one conclusion that her body and heart could agree on. In the midst of her terror there was Liam and Dahy offering her a relationship and comfort like no other. She was going to take the leap once, then twice, and more and more until they were all spent.

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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Well, looks like my TBR list just got freaking longer! Sigh…! Dahlia always write good stuff. I love this story. The excerpt hooked me. The test, the test, ahh…the test! Looks like she passed. LOL

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Belinda G

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