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Cora Blu/ Scent-a-licious

by on September 13, 2013


StandByMe Volume III
One of my hobbies is party planning, which I haven’t done in a while. A few years back while renting out a banquet hall, I picked up a great tip from a banquet hall owner.
What did the banquet hall owner do? Whenever his wife changed out the oil bottle in the plug in air freshner in the house, he’d refillit with cologne, wash the cotton wick and plug it into an outlet in the vestibule of his banquet hall. πŸ™‚ He’d select the cologne according to the average age and gender of the group coming that night.
Think about it, when you walk into a banquet hall and stop to hang up or check in your coats you normally get a whiff of the person behind the counters perfume. Not there. The heady masculine scent of a man came up from the floor. It encircled you as you turned searching for the owner of that delicious scent. The more you moved the more you smelled like the man you were looking for. So you move inside, now your gears are grinding because you’re trying to put a face to the cologne. The music’s thumping along your skin and you’ve nearly forgotten the friends you came with because that scent is still circling you. Now you’re popping your fingers down by your thigh, answering, “mmm hmm” to any question your friends ask because every man that walks by you’re sniffing. By the time you get a table or go to the bar, you’re smiling and pleasant and willing to spend a little money on an over priced meal or drink. Now every time you smell that cologne, you’ll remember that banquet hall, because the space became the man you didn’t want to leave.So anytime somebody has a party there you wanna go, because of the way it made you feel to be there.

How does this pertain to my writing? I burn candles that have certain scents that go along with my hero and heroine. Pier One has a candle I used specifically for Jonathan from the Blakemore Serial. And each candle is labled with it’s hero’s name.
At this time, cologne is too expensive for me to do the oil exchange thing, but when I can, imagine how that hero will play out on paper.

Does your characters have a particular scent that leaves you feeling special after you’ve finished the books? Can you smell their aroma in the air whenever they walk into a room? Does their hair gel or oil have a pleasant scent that you smell after they’ve threaded their fingers through their hair? Does it linger in the air after he’s left the room?
My heroes evolve from a particular scent. Do you have a favorite masculine scent?

In my latest release, Stand By Me, my heroine loves the scent of her husband after he’s been away for months, and describes his scent as strong, fierce and hers.

Volume III Blakemore Saga
His scent filled her with each inhale as his hands ran roughly up and down her hips. She could barely catch her breath with her stomach sandwiched between them. He slowly let her feet touch the floor and his hands embraced her stomach. He ducked down kissing her belly through her dress. His scent was masculine and clean and he smelled just as she remembered. Strong, fierce and hers, at least that was what she was clinging to as he came up to her face, his sensual smile directed at her mouth.
“Aye, hell,look at you woman…so beautiful, and thick and mine,”

Now go and find your favorite scent.
sincerely Cora Blu


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  1. I’ve learnt something new, Cora. Great post.

  2. Thanks, Kiru.

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    Oh yeah! I was entranced by your descriptions of the smell of the cologne in the banquet venue. I would have never have thought of that! Wow…girl have I learned something new! I’m trying it the next time I throw a party. I already love scents which is why my every room in my home has scent diffusers. It’s heady to walk into a home and smell a wonderful scent loving it enough to ask, “what is the great smell?” Thanks for sharing!

    So of course I’m off to buy this book. It has me intrigued! πŸ™‚

    Belinda G
    belgre @ comcast dot net

    • corablu permalink

      Thank you, Belinda. That’s volume III, so you will need to read volume I and then II for the story to make sense. But the scent thing really made sense once he started pointing out what I was doing as
      I walked around sizing up the room.
      Thanks for your comment.

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