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An End to Summer Vacation?

by on September 7, 2013

Fifteen Days left in my summer vacation and let me tell you, I’ve had a blast. The kids are back at school…well mine will be come Tuesday. We took a last minute vacay to Florida. We visited Orlando a couple of years ago, but down here in Cape Coral. AMAZING!!

Off course I went to the beach. The was like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt. I’m used to coarse sand, this stuff was fine, powdery and so soft. I picked up a few seashells, did the stingray shuffle, but was more worried about being stung by a jellyfish. We walked the pier, saw some dolphins and touched a baby shark.

Oh and if that wasn’t the highlight of the vacay, my erotic interracial title Take the Cake released early from Sugar and Spice Press.



Keegan hadn’t stopped thinking about Liz since she walked out of his life all those months ago. That was the biggest mistake he’d made, not going after her. The pain of her absence only intensified when a knee injury sidelined his career for good. With all the glam and glitz that had surrounded his life, none of his so-called friends remained while he recovered. Liz would’ve been there, if he hadn’t been such an ass. He had the perfect woman in his life and he let her walk away because of his own arrogance and stupidity. He wouldn’t make that same mistake twice.

He searched among the steam and noise for a pink bandana. With so many people bustling through the kitchen, it was hard to find one caramel-skinned woman. If he walked farther into the room, he was sure to find her, but he would also run the risk of her wrath. The thought of provoking her again had possibilities. Anything just to watch her eyes snap with fire and her pretty mouth twist into a pout. Now he just wanted her to know he was waiting for another opportunity to catch her alone.

A heavy sigh on his left grabbed his attention. Mirth twitched at the corners of his mouth. He turned to stare into light brown eyes and grinned. How he would love to kiss those luscious, frowning lips again.

“What do you want now?”

Her face was a little flushed and annoyance flickered through her irises, but she was still quite beautiful. Did she still look the same without the head covering? Was her hair as soft as he remembered? He yearned to yank the material from her hair and free the riot of curls tucked beneath the fabric.

“Doesn’t matter. Just stay out the way.” She moved past him and he grabbed her wrist.

“When will you be free?”

She tilted her head to the side. “Don’t you have horny bridesmaids to hit on?”

He shrugged. “I find the caterer much more of a challenge.”

“If you applied as much effort into wooing one of those bridesmaids as you do me, you might actually get one.” She shook off his hand and stalked away.

 Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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