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Hello World.

by on September 6, 2013

Hey there, how are you?  It’s been a long week. LOL! Actually a short week that seemed to have long days. Yet I still feel like I haven’t accomplished near what I wanted to. What you asked? Yeah I know you didn’t but roll with me here. I want to share with you what I’m up too. So here we go.

Claws will released Sept 21st from Sugar and Spice Press. Its the 4th book in the Pack Rulez series and I am currently working on Hiss (Jamison’s story) for November release.

K_Claws_200x300Etienne Mouton is Alpha to the American Alligator Set. As part of the pact with the Volkshire Pack, they will be exchanging sentinels in an ongoing training program. He never expected the first guard to arrive in Betaille to be his mate or that she could get in so much trouble.

Sasha was taken in by the Volkshire Pack at the lowest point in her life. She owes them. So when they ask her to do a little spying on their new partners, she has no problem with that. She never expected to become entangled in their community or meet a gator that miraculously appears whenever she finds herself in trouble.

The agreement forged between Volkshire and Betaille will be beneficial to both parties, but to have Sasha, Etienne is willing to sever any alliance.



Making Monsters is set for release Oct 4th. Its my twisted take on a horror classic. I’ll let you try and figure out which story. 🙂


Healthy men are dying…

Malia Shelly, a Viksburg CSU team leader, is simply doing her job when she makes a connection between the murder cases. After digging a little deeper, she discovers that every man killed has one or more missing body parts.

Paul Egan, assistant coroner, has been assigned to autopsy each body. When he signs off on their release paperwork, they leave his unit whole. They’re not arriving at their destinations that way. He enlists Malia’s help to quietly investigate the deaths.

Bad things can happen when you get too close to someone’s secret and a coincidence puts them in the lair of a serial killer. Now the couple must fight to stay alive in a chamber of horrors and there is only way to stop the carnage. Get free and expose the murderous psychopath hiding in plain sight.

Death is not an option.


I have two releases in Nov.  One is Hiss as I mentioned above but I don’t have any artwork yet. The second is Prey. It’s my gift to you. This will be a full length Novella and totally free. Yep you read right. FREE! It’s my way of saying thank you for being the wonderful readers that you are. I can’t wait for you to meet El and his crew.


Even a predator can become the prey.

Nae McCain enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. As a bounty hunter she’d never failed to get her man. Until her boss assigns her a new case.

Eldridge “El” Kuhne has done what ever necessary to protect his pride. He understands there might be repercussions for some of his decisions. But when his consequences comes in a lithe package with skin the color of deep bronze and a scent of sugared ginger. He’s prepared to accept his fate.

The same forces that thrust them together now threaten to snatch them apart. And the sins of a brother could cost El everything.

There now I’ve told all about what going on in my writing world. Phew it feels good to get my stuff out there. Y’all know how I love talking. So until later, Kass


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