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My Imaginary Friends

by on August 24, 2013

Growing up I didn’t have many friends.  🙂 As a child I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me. I tried so hard to fit in, wanted so badly to be a part of something. In my early youth until I was about six it was okay, I had a core group of friends on my street on plan eleven. After my fathers death, my mom decided to move and everything changed. I hated my new home. Lonely doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I wanted…no needed age appropriate companionship and the way I went about obtaining that – well – I think the peeps I now had to associate with  thought I was a little strange. And in my mind I had no idea how to make them see me any differently.  I believe I became the child that your parents made you play with and I don’t care what anybody says, as a kid, that kinda of knowledge hurts like hell. It was easier to be alone than to play with people that really didn’t want to be bothered with you anyway.

Now, I’m not telling you this because I’m looking for sympathy. Quite the opposite actually. Its because on my youth that I found imaginary friends. 😛

I would talk to the people I created in my head all the time. They were fun, forthright characters that gave me some of the wackiest ideas and sometimes got me into huge trouble. Most important, through my teen years and still to this day, they have stayed with me. No, I’m not crazy – maybe a little – but that’s not the point. Those ingenious, opinionated, protective folks I created in my mind have sat with me in the middle of the night whispering the plot to my next book as I pound away on the keyboard.  They have had conversations with me in bathrooms about characters motivations. My imaginary friends are such an ingrained part of me, however you view me, cray or not. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Funny thing, after so many years, I finally feel like I have come into my own.

That said, let me introduce you to Ember. She is the heroine of Stone Guardian and she too finds herself through the course of the book.

K_Stone Guardian_300x450

Blurb ~

Myths are real…

Ember Tituba was thrust into a world where people and predators live, work, and play together. Most humans don’t realize that. She needs to focus on her surroundings and not the beast disguised as a sexy man.

Timur Fortescue prefers a low key lifestyle but in battle, he used his body as a shield to save Ember. Lately, all his thoughts center on her. When a deadly foe threatens them, Timur makes the decision to show her exactly what he is and how lethal he can be.

A Gargoyle will kill to keep his mate safe.

Warning: This book contains a sexy stone shifter and a sarcastic heroine determined to make it without his help. He brings new meaning to the words bump and grind.


Her feet touched down on a rooftop and she took in their surroundings. An abundance of plants covered the space and a triangular shaped pane of windows rose up from the center of the expanse. Tucked in among the greenery were full size statues of gargoyles, and each wore a different expression. Chairs and tables were spread out giving the place a homey feel. She circled the garden roof top, trailed her fingers across the furniture, and dropped her shoes.

“Where are we?” Ember stopped to study one of the many statues. She rested her arm on its shoulder and tilted her head toward it. “A cousin?”

“You are full of jokes, aren’t you? No, a diversion. This is my home and if anyone should ever find it…well, my enemies will have a hard time trying to figure out exactly which one I am.”

“You rent the roof?”

“I own the building.”


“What, no snappy comeback?”

Ember moved to another section of the garden. “I got nothing. Every time I think I have you figured out, you surprise me.”

His smile made her heart beat so fast she felt it in her throat. She rubbed her palms together and turned to walk down another little trail. Pebbles bit into the soles of her feet as she followed the meandering path. Ember ended up where she started and found Timur leaning back in a patio chair facing a fire pit.

“Finished stalling?” he inquired as he lit a match and flicked it into the wide clay bowl.

“I was checking out my surroundings.”

“Uh-huh. What’s the real reason you wanted to come on this trip, Ember?” He pinned her in his unrelenting green gaze.

She resisted the urge to squirm. “You honestly want to know?”

“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.”

Ember strolled up to him, placing herself directly in front of Timur. She combed the errant red strands hanging over his forehead away from his face. Sliding her fingers down his temple, she realized his skin was smooth and cool to the touch. “Why are you always cold?”

She swallowed when his lips lifted in a self-deprecating half-smile. He wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her hand away. “I’m a granite beast, Ember, my soul froze a long time ago.”

“Then it’s time to get you warm, Timur. I originally came because I wanted to help. Synda is my best friend, closer to me than my actual family, not that I have any left. But I did have an ulterior motive.”

“Honestly Ember, what is it with you and Synda dragging things out? Tell me why you’re here and get it over with.” He released her arm.

She hiked her skirt up and crawled into his lap, settling her calves outside his thighs. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“No, spell it out and put it in terms I understand.”

“I want you.”

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  1. Your imaginary friends are great. I look forward to reading Ember’s story. I loved Rogue Dragon.

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