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For the Love of a Cowboy

by on August 23, 2013

I blame Clint Eastwood and Forrest Carter and the 1976 film, The Outlaw Josey Wales, for my fascination with cowboys. This scene in particular:

Ten Bears: I have heard. You are the grey rider. You would not make peace with the Bluecoats. You may go in peace.

Josie Wales: I reckon not. I got no place else to go.

Ten Bears: Then you will die.

Josie Wales: I came here to die with you. Or to live with you.

At this point in my teen years, thanks to the popularity of DVDs, it was cemented in my mind that I wanted a cowboy – that hardworking, noble man who loved his woman above all else. That’s who my husband would be.

Without the chaps and love of the open range, that’s who I eventually married.

Still the image of someone wearing spurred cowboy boots with a ready “Thanks, ma’am” on his lips remained.

cowboy sit barrel hold ropeEnter Kevin Miller, the hero of the Amber and Kevin stories. He is broad- shouldered, dark-haired and loves the heroine with a ferocity that scares him at times.

For Amber, he is her cowboy fantasy come to life.

Oh, how sweet their story could have been without me asking questions and posing scenarios.

Reader, you’ll find yourself with a situation like this:

A whiff of a faint vanilla scent floated in the air forcing the curse back into his mouth, and expelling a low moan instead.

“How was your drive?” Amber tiptoed next to the bed, wincing at the door which had creaked closed behind her.

The sight of her wearing his rarely used pajama top was almost enough to clear his thoughts.

“Do you want some company?” she whispered. The mattress dipped and her body curled around his. “You have to be quiet, though.”


Her slender fingers made their way down to the waistband of his boxers, slipped underneath, gliding down a sparse path of hair to grasp his underused cock in her hand. Ironically, the infertility treatments had meant that sex more than once a week was a fantasy.

He locked his hands behind his head and spread his legs wide allowing maximum access for the slow pull of her enclosed hand up and down his shaft. Just be quiet he told himself.

Willing blood flow into his flaccid member, he tried to concentrate on her fingers working over his skin. He flexed his hips off the bed, curled his lips back against his teeth. Sex, sex, sex, he repeated in his head. He forced himself into the twist of her hand with a grunt.

The comments from dinner didn’t matter. He didn’t give two shits about them…except…except he did. “Why do you always have to remind your mother about my degree? I’m not an architect.”

Her hand stopped mid-glide. “But you do have a degree…”

“I operate a renovation company. That’s construction. Is there something wrong with that?” His voice rose above the whisper in which they’d been speaking.

“Shh….I never said that.” The waistband of his boxers snapped against his stomach with the hasty removal of her hand.

“Don’t shhh me in my own damn house.”

“It’s my house too. Shh…shh…shh…”

The groan of the futon’s springs didn’t seem to bother her as she jumped to her feet. “Have fun jerking off, alone.” The door creaked closed behind her, catching on the old carpet and ruining her attempt at a slam.

Ohhhh, are they going to make it to the altar? Ultimately, that’s what Amber and Kevin have to figure out in the end.

TheBeginningofForever (1)The Beginning of Forever will be released on September 6, 2013 by Amira Press.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the couple in any of the three previous works:

Join the FaceBook Release Date Event on September 6, 2013 and check out the video on YouTube for a sneak peak before the release date – forever.


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  2. Mmm mmm! I love me some cowboys too! Can’t wait to read Amber and Kevin’s story!

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