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A luscious talk with Yvette Hines about her Lingerie Series

by on August 22, 2013

Hey ya, Peeps!

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Yvette Hines.  She’s gives us an inside look at her new Lingerie Series and I have to say I am so excited to talk about her new line.  Why you ask? Because she features big girls. Yes I said it. Voluptuous, healthy , sexy curvacious women. *Clapping hands* Ms. Yvette kicked butt and took names. She gave luscious an inside look at what she’s working on. All I can say…there is a reason she is a best selling author. Check out her interview below.


Before we get started I would like to thank Luscious for taking the time to sit down with me for a chat. It was very thoughtful to consider me and I appreciate it.

Luscious: Who’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?

Yvette: Oh, that is a good one, because that is usually dealing with who’s series I’m hyped up on at the moment. Since I happen to be chomping at the bits waiting for Kate Pearce’s “First Sinners” book that would have to be it. However, I’m currently reading “Beast” by Pepper Pace so that one I’m taking on a cruise with me in a few weeks. See how eclectic my reading is. LOL.

Luscious: Does your writing schedule change in the summer? If so, how?

Yvette: No, it doesn’t really. I write full time so, I get up at 5 am and write regardless, including weekends and vacations and conference attendance.

Luscious: When do you do your best work? Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Yvette: I am definitely and early bird. My muse which says her name is SHE (spelled with all caps) loves to work when the world is quiet. SHE says there is space for her to think. So, I am a slave to her directive. When I’m on deadline, SHE will show up then because we have to get it done. SHE is just not happy about it.

Luscious: Do you use any software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?

Yvette: No. When I started writing in 1999 those things were never heard of. I was barely two months away from writing on a typewriter. Something I have done before. I just sit at the computer at a blank page when I’m starting a story and write.

Luscious: Pictures or music or other art – What inspires you?

Yvette: Normal my answer to this question is life. However, I have been inspired by and art work before. I have a friend of mine that is a painter by hobby and she did a nude self portrait, nothing salacious and it inspired a series for me. I’m still working on that series but it is about four friends. Most often I find myself chair dancing in my office to music and it inspires emotions in a story more than an actual story. My husband says it freaks him out when I’m sitting before my computer writing, with my eyes closed, headphones on and crying.

Luscious: What is your favorite summer snack?

Yvette: Okay, I am a big foodie. I mean, I truly love the taste of all kinds of foods and snacks. However, this summer I have become addicted to two things, Greek yogurt with Belvita breakfast biscuit dipped into them or celery stick with peanut butter and dried cranberries (I call it red ants on a log). I feel so silly letting that secret out, so can I just add to that I love spicy red curry from Thai restaurants, just to save my rep of being a foodie. J

Luscious: It’s a warm summer Friday night. What are you doing?

Yvette: Bundled underneath a sweater sitting next to my husband and daughter in a cold movie theater. In the summer we are at the movies sometimes Wednesday night through Sunday matinee if there were a bunch of great releases. I have smuggled in plain almonds for my snack while I’m there to keep me from buy Twizzler and eating the entire pack. LOL.

Luscious: Fun question: What’s your favorite amusement ride?

Yvette: Fun question? What have all the rest been. I have never laughed and smiled so much in an interview. Favorite amusement ride? The theater. Yup, I go to amusement parks to see the shows. I love watching the dancing, magic acts, animals doing tricks and such. Being a ‘foodie’ I don’t like getting on some ride and being twisted and turned until I feel like the food I consumed it going to make a return visit through the nearest escape route. I just got queasy thinking about it. *Places fingers on lips and swallows*

Luscious: Okay, back to business. What are you currently working on? Any ongoing projects?

Yvette: Yes, there are. I just put out my second bear shifter story “Red’s Bear” and I am currently writing a BDSM story called Red Hots (yes, like the candy). It is tied into a book with Bridget Midway called “Licorice Whips”. This book will be out in November first to the readers/authors that attend our BDSM event called 2013 WRAPPED UP: A CORSETED EVENT WITH BRIDGET MIDWAY AND YVETTE HINES. More information about that can be found on my website. The other thing that I have started is a lingerie series that is geared toward voluptuous women. Readers enjoyed my Stir Sticks and Stilettos so much that I decided why not do a curvy girl line to that? So, I did. Each erotic romance short will feature a full-figured woman with a sex hero. At some point in the story the heroine is confidently wearing lingerie and looking amazing and turning on the hero to the point of some hot love scenes. Unlike most of my romances that generally have a African-American heroine, each of the heroines in my Lingerie Series will be different (AA, White, Hispanic, Asian). The fun thing about it is that readers will want to read them all, because the stories are connected through friendship and family. Isn’t that how all of our friendships and families are, just a big mix of cultures/races? Well, I would hope so anyway.

1233325_575230839210508_1356964969_nBlurb ~

Kalan Henderson has had her eyes set on Aaren Reston for the last two years. When the sexy, brown-haired hunk with light green eyes became the newest senior executive at her job she knew she had to have him. However, over the years he hasn’t given her an ounce of encouragement that he’d be receptive to the idea of something in the recreational department between them. That is until she’s selected to work extra hours with him on an assignment.

Six weeks of discovering Aaren is more than a hot body and pretty face has just made Kalan lust after him even more. Then one night everything changed and the after hour’s heat exploded to a level she could never have imagined. But soon Kalan discovers that the man of her dreams may have secrets that will wreck the fantasy of what they could have in an instant.


Luscious: If you would like to learn more about Yvette’s books and where to purchase this great series here’s how.

Yvette’s website:

Follow her on Facebook or Twitter: Yvette Hines or @sasseYvetteH

Buy the Lingerie Series:

Love in the Afternoon:

Nightie Night:



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  1. Love the premise of the stories.

  2. Cherryce williams permalink

    I enjoyed the first two books looking forward to the next one

  3. Love these stories. Great interview Yvette. And by the way, my favorite summer food is Nutella and fried banana on toast! 🙂

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