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Jane Wakely shares One True Love with Luscious

by on August 20, 2013
Who’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?

Cynthia Eden, Crystal Jordan and Dana Marie Bell! I love the worlds they create and I’ve reread their stories many times! Whether it’s something new or an old fave, I always take their books with me!

Does your writing schedule change in the summer?  If so, how?

Yes, my schedule changes in the summer. During the school year, hubby is at work and TG (Teen Girl) is in school, so I usually write for 4-5 hours a day. In the summer, TG is home so my writing time drops because I like to spend time with her! I’m a lot less productive, but I still get things done cause we both like to do our own things as well as hang out together! 🙂

When do you do your best work?  Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I’m a night owl that has been trying to conform for years! LOL Truthfully, I don’t know when I get my best ideas, but I’m a much cleaner writer in the daytime—with enough rest the night before! 😉

Do you use any software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?

No, I always write in Microsoft Word.

Pictures or music or other art—What inspires you?

Usually books inspire me! They are a great escape and a helpful stress reliever. If I’m having trouble with a story, taking a break with someone else’s book always clears my head. The break helps unblock the problem and I can look at my story with fresh eyes!

What is your favorite summer snack?

Fruit! Nectarines and peaches are my faves.

It’s a warm summer Friday night. What are you doing?

Probably either reading or watching a movie with TG!

Tell us about your latest release.

ONE TRUE LOVE (Paranormal/Vampire Romance) released August 17!

Here’s the blurb: 

Dawn only wanted to spend her life with one man. Despite his secrets, she knew Victor was meant for her. As their relationship grew, she patiently waited for the trust he never gave until he unexpectedly said goodbye and disappeared leaving no way to be found. He took his secret and left her with a broken heart.


He should have stayed away from her, but the pull was too great. Victor wanted to know what it felt like to be held by the one woman destined for him, his one true love. But he was in too deep. The thought of seeing Dawn look at him with hatred or disgust was worse than spending an eternity alone. She’d be able to love again and never know what a true monster he was.


After six months of watching them live in misery, a mutual friend persuades both Victor and Dawn to agree to a blind date in an effort to try and move on. Neither suspects their friend’s plan and soon they find themselves sharing a hotel room at an exclusive resort for the weekend. Desperate for each other, they agree to one last night together—until that one night of passion changes everything.

One True Love Cover

Here’s an excerpt: 



It was true. Knowing he would die if she looked at him with hate, or worse, fear, he hadn’t trusted her with his secrets. Instead he’d pushed her away and had been miserable ever since.


Tonight he wouldn’t think of her. He would find release with a new woman, forget about his one true love, and move on with his life. After spending so many years alone, it was hard to get excited about the vast lonely years that stretched out before him. Since he’d left her, no other woman held any appeal, and he hoped his date was someone he could get excited about. Six months was long enough.


The door opened, pulling him from his thoughts, and he turned to see who he would be spending his night with.




Blazing like the sun, his Dawn lit up the room. Her wavy red hair was tousled, and it reminded him of the many times she’d rolled out of bed after they’d spent the night together. Her electric blue blouse made her eyes look darker, and she wore a form fitting black knee-length skirt with a ruffle around the bottom. Black, two-inch, closed-toe heels completed her outfit.


Absolutely breathtaking was the only way to describe her. He stepped forward and hoped the high-back chair hid his erection.


His date, the woman chosen by Randolf to help him move on and get over his one true love, was the very woman he was trying to forget.


His Dawn.


Randolf had set him up.




Barnes and Noble:

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Where can readers find you?






What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

Revisions! The first version of this book was…wordy! LOL Some stuff had to go for a better reading experience, but it was really hard because I love this couple and their story!


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