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Michel Prince stop by to talk superheroes

by on August 4, 2013

           With all the summer blockbusters out there I feel I need to get real about something when it comes to superheroes.  I prefer Batman to Superman.  I know you all think it’s because of the money, but it’s not.  Superman has powers, Batman had to train and build special tools.  I’m just that simple.  That’s not to say when I wander over into the Marvel Universe I don’t find a few great heroes, but again they were either born mutants, Gods, or bit or somehow transformed by gamma rays, spiders or other some such non-sense.

            Not the Bat.  The Bat is just a man on a mission.  His heightened skills can take down anyone. So why not Dare Devil you may ask?  Well he is one of my favorites in the Marvel Universe.  Whether DC or Marvel you need to look at the man or woman inside.  Are they fighting some curse thrust upon them by birth or radiation?  Or, did they come to the conclusions on their own that they had to fight by any means possible?

            It’s about the desire to better the world around them that keeps me going. When you look at my paranormal books they could be classified as romance with paranormal elements more than the traditional paranormal books.  Why?  Because like Batman I want my characters to battle evil on their own merits.  Sure in the Chrysalis Series Ellie and Oscar learn to use their auras to kill demons and the like, but they are fundamentally human.  The power they have is one we all have inside of us, we just need to tap it.

            The series is about to come to it’s conclusion in October, so now is a good time to catch up and see how powerful us mere mortals are.  




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  1. Interesting take on superheroes. Do you have a female superhero that you like?

    • Yes, I do. Sticking with my basis of liking superheroes I’m an Elektra and Black Widow fan. Although I do own a Wonder Woman cape even though she’s an Amazonian and not human I love a girl who uses her accessories as weapons as well as shields. Sadly DC doesn’t really have anyone like Batman, because Batgirl is irritating although Catwoman’s awesome, but she does have that whole saved my cat’s thing going for her.

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