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We need a name for strong HEROINES!

by on August 2, 2013

Hey and Happy Day to ya,

I always get questions about my heroines for some reason readers either lover them or hate them.  The most common statement I hear is…why are they so strong? Or Is it realistic to make the women in my book that strong?

I had to think about it. I even set out to try and create a woman that was meek in one of my story lines. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I’m reworking that book before anyone ever sees it.

Still it brings me back to my original couple of questions and opens the door to so many more for me. For example. We call call strong men Alphas in our books but what can we call women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it? Inquiring minds (me) would love to know. And if you have an answer,  hollar.

The reasons I write women of depth. Yeah I went there, is because I honestly don’t know how to write any other. I am the product of my environment and the ladies that had a hand in raising me were resilient, inventive and knew how to handle their own business. They didn’t wait for anything to be handed to them. If there was something they needed they came together and made a plan and heaven help anyone that got in their way.  So let me introduce yo to a few folks.


20130802_093759_resizedThe woman in the middle is my Aunt Bunny, she was fantastic and her nickname for me was tiger. She was innovative and didn’t mind working her ass off.  During segregation when some folks couldn’t get hotel rooms. Well, Aunt Bunny, she rented out the bedrooms in her house by the hour, providing a safe place for peeps to get there grove on.  Of course she also charged top dollar for the privilege too.  I never knew of a time when she didn’t have a wad of cash tucked in various places around the house.

The lay to the right is my Aunt Jessie, she was onory as all get up and as I understood it very quick to pull a gun to settle a dispute. She made bath tub Gin and sold it. I’m told stories of her fussing about getting the recipe right or she’d lose customers because they went blind.

These woman made there own way and didn’t take any prisoners. I can remember seeing them getting ready for social events and they would pull out their fox and sable furs and diamond jewelry. Things woman at that time usually depended on a man to give to them. My aunts walked into stores owned by whites and blacks and picked what they wanted. If the store owner balked they just pulled out more cash.  Aunt Bunny once told me they may not like the color of your skin but people have no problem with the color of money.



These two ladies are cousins. My cousins, sadly I can’t remember their names and the folks that would know are probably dead. Regardless, I do know their story. They could drive and bought their first car on their own. That’s it in the picture. Family rumor has it they had a need for speed and liked to race.  Mind you all this happened between the 1920’s and 40’s








This woman right here is my grandmother, Clara. She had a different take on things and sometimes she could be absolutely amazing. The children she’s clutching are my uncle and cousin. She could talk anybody into almost anything and like my Aunt Bunny who kept cash stashed. Clara kept guns hidden. Her motto. Nobody messes with my family but me.

Yes, she actually told e that a couple of times.  Needless to say I made sure those guns were not where she left them.  (smile)




This is just a sample of my history, the shero’s in my family. These are the woman  try to emulate in my books.  They made a difference not only in my life but in so many others and had no qualms about how they did it. Good or bad they would handel any consequences as they came.

So getting back to naming strong heroines. How does Alphette’s sound? Doesn’t grab you? Guess I’ll go back to the drawing board.  anyway I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for stopping by, it’s always good to see you.



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  1. Hi Kassanna. I call these women Alpha Heroines. I see no reason for the men to have a sole claim on the title. I think Alphette almost diminishes just how strong and amazing these women are. Go big or go home I think 😉

    • Hey Laurel,
      I blame the Smurfs. yes I was actually listening to the cartoon as I wrote that. 🙂 I definitely agree! Go big or go home. personally I’m leaning toward Shero’s as a heroines description I got that from one of my readers, Samara.

  2. Hahahaha @ SHERO but it could work.
    I personally call them alpha heroines.

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