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It’s a Heat Wave!

by on July 19, 2013

bulldog-on-iceHere in New Jersey, we are suffering what they call a ‘heat wave’.  According to my daughter, who has been imbued with 3rd grade wisdom from her summer science class, a heat wave is a phenomenon in which the temperature is at or above 90 degrees for three consecutive days.   When I tried to correct her, being the teacher that I am, and said it has to be five consecutive days, she said “That’s the definition given by the World Meteorological Organization.  My definition is specific to the Northeast.”

“My definition is specific to the Northeast.”

At those times you have to laugh.

So it’s summer, and it’s a heat wave.  My neighbor asked me if it was hot enough for me. I told him, not until I can fry an egg on the blacktop driveway.   My poor tomato plants wilt at noon and the dog hangs out in the basement, where it’s much cooler.  (She’s smarter than most of us.) I tend to avoid the basement because that’s where you’re supposed to do laundry.  If I could get the dog to do the laundry, then I would be set.

If it’s hot where you are, grab a glass of iced tea (unsweetened because sugar makes your body work too hard) and put your feet up. There’s nothing that you have to do today that can’t be put off until tomorrow or at least until cooler.


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  1. Noel permalink

    Your daughter’s sharp! We’re boiling here in Chicago too. What’s worst is that the relief you expect to get at night, never comes, it only seems to get hotter (at least in my place, which is a 3rd floor apartment). My air-conditioner is useless!

    Stay cool out there!

    • Dahlia DeWinters permalink

      Oh,Noel I feel for you! I know how that hot air can get trapped in the city. Thank you for stopping by!!

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