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Put on your shades for Pink Neon!

by on July 18, 2013

I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy then we were introduced by the wonderful Michel Prince. I am always awed by other authors. Ms Murphy was no exception, immediately I want to pick their brains, sit and chat and do about a million other things.  She was great to speak with, fun and witty. To top it off she sent in a pretty. Yeah that cover below.

Now I haven’t had the opportunity to read it but from the blurb alone it is going on my TBR pile. I have every intention of devouring it while sipping a glass of wine and pretending I’m on the French Riviera aka my sofa. Look but don’t touch the pretty and check out her interview below. I so adore when we have new visitors.

Under that is a blurb you don’t want to miss.

Until later my friends, Kass

Pink Neon (541x800)i


  1. Who’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?   I love Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novels so I’d make sure I had her latest and I’d catch up on my Cassandre Dayne books.  She’s so prolific I can’t keep up!
  2. Does your writing schedule change in the summer? If so, how?    Yes. I’m far more productive in the summer because I have more time to work.  I work in education (primarily these days as a substitute teacher) and I have three kids in school who will soon enter seventh grade (my son) and their senior year (my twin daughters) so the school year is much busier, summer is my time to write.
  3. When do you do your best work? Are you a night owl or an early bird?    I am a night owl by nature so I’m often working late, late after everyone else in bed.
  4. Do you use any software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?   Nope, just Microsoft Word!
  5. Pictures or music or other art – What inspires you?   All of the above. I love music and couldn’t live without it.  But I’m also often struck with an inspiration from a painting or photograph
  6. What is your favorite summer snack?   Lemon sherbet or frozen lemonade!
  7. It’s a warm summer Friday night. What are you doing?   I’m sitting out on the deck, under the stars, sipping a glass of white or rose Moscato with my hubby, talking and staring up into the night sky.



When Cecily Brown roared into the vacation hotspot of Branson, Missouri, she had nothing on her mind but distancing herself from her life in Chicago after a divorce. She planned to make her long standing dreams of owning a boutique called ‘Pink Neon’ come true and forget the decade she spent trapped in a hellish marriage to millionaire jeweler Willard Bradford VI. Once she arrives, though, she finds she’s a minority among the tourists with her corn rowed braids and African-American heritage but Cecily is determined to stay.

Her cousin calls to tell her the news – her ex-husband managed to get murdered on the steps of his mansion but Cecily doesn’t care. Her old life is history and she’s eager to move forward with the grand opening of her boutique. Her first customer at Pink Neon is a man, dark and mysterious. She pegs him for a criminal or a cop but their attraction is intense. So is their first date which ends in intimacy and soon, she’s all but inseparable from Daniel Padilla. He carries his own old baggage too.

Life’s good until Padilla admits he’s an FBI agent sent to check Cecily out. She reacts with anger but as she learns she’s become the FBI’s favorite suspect, she has to trust Daniel if she can trust anyone at all. As the investigation heats up, she ends up heading south with him to Texas, as she and her FBI lover try to discover who the real killer might be. But danger lurks and it’s going to get rough before they straighten things out….if they can.


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