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For the Love of Women ~ Alice Dark

by on July 16, 2013

I happened to meet Alice through Twitter one day last year and through her work, I was introduced to lesbian erotic works. As I’ve said many times before, I was in a literary bubble before I started meeting authors. So if you’ve never heard of the genre or you are looking for a new author, meet Alice Dark…

AliceDarkWho’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?

It depends upon my mood. I prefer books with a dominant female lead, and I’m currently in love with Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson books. That’s a paranormal series – Mercy’s a coyote, and there’s also werewolves, vampires and witches. Mercy kicks some serious ass. She’s a woman after my own heart.

I also love my erotica, and I’m enraptured by Anastasia Vitsky’s Lighting the Way. There’s not enough lesbian romance – spanking or otherwise – in the world, and I’m thankful that women like Ana take the challenge and turn out some excellent kink and stories.

Other favorites that I’d take along on my Kindle include Scarlet Chastain, Elizabeth Moon and Jessica E Subject. Scarlet and Jessica write lesbian romance. Elizabeth wrote The Deed of Paksenarrion – my all time favorite book.

Does your writing schedule change in the summer? If so, how?

Not really. I try to write for a couple of hours every night. I don’t set a word goal, though I aim at a thousand words each time I sit down. Sometimes I get blocked, and a couple of weeks will go by without me writing a word. I hate when that happens, and I tend to overcompensate when I get back to writing.

When do you do your best work? Are you a night owl or an early bird?

It’s not just a when, but a where. I like to write at night as a way to blow off steam after a nasty day at the day-job. But I also find that I do my best writing outside of the house. I usually grab my laptop and head out to the local bookstore, grab a piece of cheesecake, then sit down and bang out a few hundred words. At home, there are too many distractions: my girlfriend, the TV, as well as the neighbors dropping by. At the bookstore, I can be anonymous and surrounded by millions of words. Seeing all those books is great inspiration.

Do you use any software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?

I’ve tried several. I use Linux at home, and I have a small program called “FocusWriter,” that reduces the screen to blinking cursor: no background, no program bar, just you and cursor. As I type, words appear on the screen, but nothing else. It’s neat and clean. I also tried World Maker and Scrivener. They were okay, but not what I needed. Now I use a combination of Google Drive and Evernote. I save interesting news stories to Evernote and story outlines in Google Drive. My laptop is a Chromebook, so I use the Google editor to write. Once I’m finished, I transfer the story to Open Office for formatting.

Pictures or music or other art – What inspires you?

Music and photos. I have a world of music – literally – from Kpop to South African rap to Russian disco to Bollywood’s greatest hits. I often put some tunes on low, then write for hours. I also like my pictures, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised that spanking images are high on my list of favorites. I love Bettie Page. Her smile and sensuality warm my writer’s mind. And then there’s Dita von Teese! She’s another *wow* when it comes to inspiration. I lean toward Femdoms, and I enjoy the the thought of latex against my skin. Images of powerful women and Femdoms appeal to me.

What is your favorite summer snack?

Orzo, with a drizzling of olive oil, sprinkled with Parmesan, garlic, basil, oregano and just a dash of salt. Sophia (my girlfriend) calls it my pasta-rice. Pasta is my guilty pleasure.

It’s a warm summer Friday night. What are you doing?

There’s nothing I like better than curling up with my girlfriend. Together, we sit on the front porch and watch folks as they stroll the streets of our small town. It can be a lazy existence, but one we enjoy together. And the people you see can become characters is a book. Sometimes I take descriptions from the real-life folks who walk the streets.

Can you share a little about what you write and why?

Many of my stories come from real life. Sophia and I were both raised Catholic, and we were sent to Catholic schools. Paddlings for misbehavior were common. I got more than my fair share of swats, and so did Sophia. Stories with a religious theme come from our background. I begin with the setting, take it up to the spanking, and then let my mind wander to what could have been.

You asked about specifically about Vacation Arrest, and that has some grounding in what happened. Not the spanking part (though I wish it had!). Sophia and I were travelling across country, when we got stopped by police in Alabama for speeding. I typically don’t care much for the boys, but the cop was kind of cute! That night in the hotel, Sophia and I played a game of “what if.” That’s where the rest of the story came from.

We also experiment a lot at home. We’ve tried figging. Sophia loves it, though we have to be careful. So many things to consider. And of course, some of my readers have made suggestions that we’ve tried out – like freezing the ginger prior to use. *o my* That was a special night!

We are up for trying most anything, and I like to write those things down later. Sometimes I use them in stories. Knowing how something feels prior to writing it down makes it easier to write about.

naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundVacation Arrest: Join two women when they take off on an all-expenses paid vacation across country, but wind up on the wrong side of the law when they speed through the small town of Springton, Alabama. Katherine and Lindsay soon find out that justice is erotically different in the South, and the women have a choice: six months in jail, or accept whatever punishment local law enforcement decides upon. Enjoy Katherine’s and Lindsay’s sexy romp through humiliation, anal play, caning, and submission, when male and female officers teach these women a lesson in obedience! The story is F/M/f/f and is definitely for Adults Only.


“But I think,” Stacey said, “that what you and Miss Morgan most deserve is the slashing kisses of what’s known as the Senior English cane.” The young officer returned the Singapore cane to the cabinet and took out two shorter, thinner canes. “These, my dear, are made of rattan. Each of them is 33 inches long and has a diameter of five-sixteenths of an inch thick.” There was a quick whistling as Stacey cut the air with the canes. “They’re lovely canes, don’t you think?”

Katherine swayed on her feet. She didn’t know what to say.

“But you’re not done,” the young officer said. “You still need to pick out a butt plug.”

“A what?” The sway was gone from Katherine’s body; now she trembled. She realized what those smaller penis-shaped objects were. They were not dildos at all, but instead, anal probes. Katherine had heard about butt plugs from her more daring friends, but she had never used one herself. Katherine had never even seen one before this moment. Lindsay’s sobs grew louder behind her.

“Pick out two,” Stacey said.

Katherine thrust her hands blindly into the cabinet and snatched up a matching pair of the anal sex toys. They were made of pliable white rubber, and each was about 4 inches long. The plugs were thin at one end then flared out to about an inch and a half wide in the middle then tapered in again to about a half inch wide before joining a “T” shaped end piece. Katherine knew that once they were inserted, the plugs were meant to stay in position.

Officer Reynolds finally spoke. “Back here,” he said. The command was simple and direct. Katherine turned her head, and then moved slowly to the center of the room. Officer Reynolds extended his hand, and Katherine handed him the butt plugs. Behind her, Stacey fiddled with the cabinet for a moment longer before returning with the canes.

“Here you go, Bob,” Stacey said to Officer Reynolds, handing him a small jar. In return, Officer Reynolds gave Stacey one of the butt plugs.

To her horror, Katherine saw that in addition to the canes, the young officer had given Officer Reynolds a container of petroleum jelly. “I don’t think we need the gloves this time,” Stacey said, smiling. The young officer set the canes down, one on the seat of each chair. Officer Reynolds had already scooped out a generous helping of the jelly. He handed the jar back to Stacey. Stacey scooped out a dollop of the slippery substance.

Katherine and Lindsay stared goggle-eyed at the officers as they greased up the plugs. Lindsay broke her long silence, her voice still chocked with sobs. “What-what are you doing to do with those?” she asked.

Stacey didn’t answer the girl directly. Instead, she pointed to the straight-backed beside Lindsay. “I want you to bend over the chair so that the back of the chair is in your waist.”

Officer Reynolds stepped forward. “I’ll take the brunette this time,” he said to the young officer. “You’ve already spanked her. It’s my turn.”

Lindsay clutched her hands together under her chin and started sobbing again.


Lindsay howled at the sudden bare handed slap on her behind from Officer Reynolds. Startled, Katherine grabbed her young intern in her arms and held her tight to her breasts. “You don’t-”

Sssss-CRACK! Stacey cut off Katherine’s protest with an equally sudden swish of the cane. It connected with the older woman’s buttocks, and the resulting crack was like a gunshot in the small room. A red weal rose quickly on Katherine’s tender flesh, and she was stunned into silence.

“Now!” Stacey barked. “Both of you. Over the chairs, now!”

“Oh God,” Katherine said, the sting of the cane finally reaching her brain. She let go of Lindsay and moved to comply. “Please,” she begged again. The tears were flowing freely down Katherine’s cheeks as she bent over the chair and presented her plump, white ass. Katherine’s butt, like the rest of her, was perfect: twin globes of delight, firm and delicious.

“You, too.” Officer Reynolds pointed at Lindsay. “Bend over the chair and grab the seat.”

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  1. How great to see a shout-out for F/F fiction! Alice was the very first F/F spanking writer I found, and I’ve always been grateful for her company. Thank you for mentioning Lighting the Way, Alice. I love your stories about you and Sophia. Here’s hoping your schedule will lighten up enough so you can produce some more lovely F/F spanking fiction. 🙂

  2. Jessica Subject permalink

    Great interview! I love how inspiring photos, music, and just everyday life can be. Thank you so much for the mention! And all the very best with your new release! 🙂

  3. Well done. Enjoyed the interview and the excerpt. You write so well, Alice.

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