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The Importance of Taking Vacation

by on July 15, 2013

Good Morning,

I’m feeling remarkably tired after returning from my traditional girls float trip weekend. We a group of bunko girlfriends and my sister take one weekend over the summer to get away from daily stresses  and head up to Noel Missouri to kick back and have fun.














We began with Sugar our swan mascot and bedazzled her and then headed out on the road. I don’t get a chance to really take vacation time.  This one weekend trip and then other time off from my EDJ is worked around author conferences. I love meeting my friends and readers but conf’s are not really vacation, they can be just as stressful as my EDJ but so worth it.

The past few years the river has been a bit low, sometimes we end up dragging the canoes or rafts down a good portion of the trip. We do the five mile mark and work our way down to base camp. We meet all kinds of fun people along the way and just enjoy spending time with each other, without husbands and kids. The Elk is beautiful but getting a mouthful of river water is not 😛

Here’s what the river looked like in front of us. I do not post pics of us girls on our trip for privacy reasons 😛











All in all it was a great trip. Aside from the bumps and bruises from navigating around fallen logs, and mossy slippery rocks. The resort requires all floaters wear water shoes. Every year we even see turtles. They go under our rafts and come up on the other side.


The importance of taking a vacation, is having some down time to regroup. You don’t need to take a two week vacation. I’ve found our leaving late on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday is a lot of fun.

Due to work and conferences, I really have to spend my PTO time wisely. My family and I take our short vacations during three day weekend holidays that are paid or an extra two days here and there during a conference so that I can socialize and work and have a few days to sight see.


How do you plan your vacations?


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