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Deneice Tarbox Chats with Luscious

by on July 11, 2013

I’ve known Deneice Tarbox for over a year and have enjoyed her writing. There is a wonderful sense of humor in her work as well as steamy hotness! As a writing buddy, she is also fantastic and will listen to your most off the wall idea! So here she is, Deneice Tarbox…

Who’s your favorite author to take to the beach or on a vacation?Deneice_Cropped.DSC00521

I can’t say I have a favorite because I’m always exploring new books in the indie author world.  There are so many talented writers out there and I’m constantly coming across someone new that I like.  Pretty much anything with a little humor, romance, strong characters, and a great storyline will keep my attention.  I will admit, however, that whenever anything Vallory Vance comes out I drop whatever I’m reading to check it out.

Does your writing schedule change in the summer? If so, how?

Summer is a magical season for me.  I’m usually able to get more writing done because of the longer daylight hours and the soothing weather.

When do you do your best work?  Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Because of my bizarre sleep pattern, my writing hours vary.  I often find either the hours between one and six pm or eleven pm and two am the best time to write.

Do you use software programs such as Scrivener or Page Four to help you write?

No.  I’m most comfortable with a good old Microsoft Word document.  I have looked into Dragon, but we just don’t seem to be hitting it off just yet.

Pictures or music or other art – What inspires you?

Oh, definitely music.  Quite often the songs that I mention in my book are there because they happened to evoke the appropriate emotion for the scene I was working on.  I also love to sing (not that I’d be cruel enough to subject anyone outside the family to such horrors).

What is your favorite summer snack?

I love steamed clams with drawn butter.

It’s a warm summer Friday night.  What are you doing?

I’m either sitting on my back deck with my hubby, drinking a glass of red wine, and watching the fireflies twinkle in the field or getting into an action or horror flick.  We share a strange fascination for zombies.

Tell us a little about your latest book.

My latest book, Luca’s Dilemma, is the second book in the Moriatti Men book series.  After losing her prized job and finding out that her longtime boyfriend has been unfaithful, the heroine, Sheila, flees the happening city of Atlanta for a rural town in Maine.  There, she meets Luca Moriatti, who happens to be her landlord.  Luca finds himself torn between his obligation to his family and the new found love of his life.  Together, they weave a tale of humor, romance, and suspense.

ebook cover compressed lucasdilemma_800Excerpt:

A distant, yet shrill scream pierced the air, shattering his oh–so–naughty thoughts.  The bale of hay he held slipped from his gloved fingers as he stood stark still, trying to calm his pounding heart and pinpoint the source of the noise.  Within seconds the sound came again, catapulting him into action.  He slid down the ladder and burst from the barn in an all–out sprint.  Instinct drove him as he made a beeline for his rental house, where, more than likely, the sound had originated.  Feet barely touching ground, he managed to cover the two hundred plus yards of treacherous, muddy grass in no time.  Luca hadn’t had the chance to meet his new neighbor, but it didn’t take a genius to realize the woman was in trouble. 

Fleetingly, he considered the possibility that this might be a trap.  However, it didn’t take long for him to discern that it clearly wasn’t.  Stopping short outside the tiny house, Luca bugged his eyes in disbelief.  Chino, the newest addition to his horse collection, stood outside the neighbor’s window, or at least the rear end of him did.  His long, black tail lazily swung side to side while he burrowed his head deeper inside the opening doing God knows what to set the woman off.  How the hell had he gotten out of his stall?

Another shrill scream split the air, cutting off his pondering and prompting him to advance on the horse.  When calling to the stubborn animal failed, he immediately set out trying every trick he could remember Richard teaching him to coerce the large equine away from the window.  Anything to shut the woman up.  After much effort, he finally gained control of the animal by use of a half–eaten apple he found lying close by.

“That a boy, Chino,” he cooed.  “Let’s get you home.” 

Luca’s attempt to walk away was thwarted by a strange heat scorching the back of his head.  He turned around, gazing back toward the window where the source of the discomfort emanated, his eyes bugging once they came in contact with the most malicious glare he had ever encountered.  In his relief of finally recovering Chino, he’d completely forgotten about the woman, and she obviously wasn’t happy about it.  He swore he felt a couple of his eyebrow hairs singe from the heat of that fierce stare. 

Deterring from his normally crass manner, he chose to handle the awkward situation in a more gentlemanly manner.  “Ma’am, I’m so sorry.  I don’t know—” 

His attempt at an apology was cut short by the longest, foulest stream of vulgar language he’d ever heard descend from the mouth of any female, or male for that matter.  For the first time, he really looked at her.  He stood in awe, captivated by the livid woman, yet unable to comprehend how such obscenities were able to fall so freely from such lovely lips.  They were thick and heart shaped; the kind the good lord made for sucking on.  He imagined they would feel like tiny pillows as they attempted to wrap around and caress a certain part of his body.

Eventually he tuned her words out altogether as her bright blue lace bra and matching boy–cut panties drew his attention away from her fierce tongue.  Moisture gathered in his mouth, and he felt himself hardening as his eyes took in her generous, light brown breasts.  They were all natural, bouncing and wiggling viciously against the flimsy fabric of her bra as she leaned out the window, putting all she had into her verbal assault.  In his mind, he captured the hefty treasures in each of his hands and voraciously ran his tongue over the large mounds.   They felt and tasted so good his fist started to subconsciously milk the horse’s reins that he held with both hands, and he practically started drooling. 

His gaze slid to her hips as they gyrated sensually against the windowsill.  Oh, those hips!  They were perfect for full–thrust mode, and boy was he in need of a good thrust or two.  The tightness of his jeans intensified as they stretched to accommodate his growing hard–on.  He suddenly felt the urge to gyrate his own hips as images of grabbing her from behind and grinding his manhood against what had to be an ample ass to tie it all together danced freely in his head.  God, what a body, was his last coherent thought before common sense slipped away entirely. 

“Ouch,” he yelped then winced.  A dull pain upside his head had unexpectedly interrupted his lewd fantasy.  Coming out of his dream–filled haze, he refocused his attention on the ground.  There at his feet lay, of all things, a small rubber sheep.  “What the… who the hell keeps rubber sheep in their house?” Luca asked rhetorically, rubbing the now throbbing point of contact.  Damn, she’s got a good arm.

“Apparently I do, horse–boy.  Now stop gawking at me like you were raised by goddamn wolves or something and give me my headscarf back,” she demanded, her lovely brown hand hanging expectantly out the open window. 

With a great sense of foreboding, Luca slowly shifted his eyes toward the horse.  Sure enough, a multicolored scarf dangled quirkily from Chino’s mouth.  How had he not seen it before? 

“Okay, boy, let go of the scarf.”  He tugged lightly at the bright, multicolored material, but the stubborn horse clamped down harder.  He stepped closer to the animal and began rubbing his mane lightly in an attempt to further calm the horse, but Chino wasn’t buying it and held on tenaciously. 

With little choice, Luca increased the force with which he tugged at the scarf hanging from the uncooperative horse’s mouth.  A shudder ran through him, and his eyes clenched tightly as the sound of tearing fabric rent the air.  Any feelings he had were replaced by a sense of dread as he heard a loud gasp from the vixen in the window.  He slowly opened his eyes to find two large, ornery, amber ones glaring back at him.  No doubt about it… the woman was pissed!

“Mr. Moriatti,” she started with a calm voice and a sweet smile that belied the anger in her beautiful eyes.  “Please be advised that I’ll be deducting the cost of my favorite head scarf from next month’s rent.  But from now on, my friend, I strongly encourage you to keep that goddamn horse away from me, or I swear I’ll donate him to the nearest school cafeteria, glue factory, or whoever will take the damn thing!  Freaking—”  She slammed the window with such force pieces of rotted cedar siding fell to the ground, bringing to mind that he probably needed to fix that, among other things. 

Luca snapped to just in time to see the curtains draw closed, closing the gorgeous woman completely out of his view.   A long whistle escaped his pursed lips as the spell the lioness had cast over him started to dissipate.  However, he couldn’t bring himself to move quite readily.  He remained frozen, staring at the vacated window, racking his brain as to how Chino had gotten the screen off the damn thing. 

Then his thoughts shifted back to the beauty on the other side of the curtain.  This was far from how he’d planned on introducing himself to his new tenant.  She had moved in two months ago while he was away picking up Chino.  It was bad enough he had neglected his landlord duties. Now he had undoubtedly come across as the ultimate pervert.  But who could blame a man in his current state of mind for staring, especially when the object was oh so worth staring at?

With a shrug, Luca started toward the barn with Chino in tow and his mind digesting the crass encounter.  Perhaps he shouldn’t have given Richard permission to sublease the small house without first meeting the new tenant.  Richard had come with the property, but after marrying Tina, he’d claimed he needed someplace more practical.  Since this woman happened to be the best friend of Richard’s wife, Luca had made the mistake of assuming she would possess the same gentile personality as Tina.  Talk about making an ass out of “u” and “me”.  Now he was stuck with this mad woman for at least another year.   Obviously trusting a man who was desperate to get out of paying for two homes hadn’t been a wise thing to do. 

And what the hell had Richard been thinking?  Women were trouble.  That was nothing new.  Having one that potent in such close proximity could be a potentially dangerous distraction.

With a sigh, he rolled his eyes heavenward before turning his gaze sideways to address his horse.  “Did she really just call me horse–boy?”

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  1. Congratulations, Deneice. What a great interview and a hot, hot excerpt. Luca’s Dilemma sounds like a best seller. 🙂

  2. Loved the book and the excerpt!

  3. Thanks to both of you lovely ladies.

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