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Ending A Love Affair or an Obsession

by on July 8, 2013

I have a new release coming soon. It’s the conclusion to the Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller story. I’m excited…and a little sad.

You see, I began my publishing career with these two. I wrote a flash fiction piece, Rainy Day Surprise, about them and published it on Smashwords. I liked the story and my friend liked the story and my hubby thought it was hot. So my first 1875 words went up with a homemade cover (I’ve since changed the cover from the original, but still homemade).Couple asleep on a bed head against head

It was so exciting, watching the download counter go up! Then something unexpected happened – an email from someone I didn’t know. “I love Kevin and Amber. When’s the next story?”

amber-meets-her-cowboy32Oh, that would be fun. Maybe a little something about how they met in the first place? In the Moment was self-published two months later (professional cover this time). A revision went up later and the third revision went up even later and that’s when I realized – I’m obsessed with these two.

It wasn’t entirely my fault. These two have fans. I get emails, comments on my blog, Facebook messages asking about them.

It is any wonder I spent most of my Thanksgiving holiday writing their Christmas flash – A Miller Tradition?

I decided to stop. My other characters were getting jealous because I didn’t visit them as often. One more piece I decided and I would put them away. So coming soon will be The Beginning of Forever, the conclusion of Amber and Kevin’s story.

I’m sad I’ll have to put away the ranch and the little town of Pilot’s Point, no more jaunts over to San Diego to walk on the beach. I’ll fall in love again, I’m sure but there’s nothing like your first!

For the Amber and Kevin fans out there, here’s a sneak peak at the cover and the blurb:

VV_The Beginning of Forever_banner

Amber Grayson, a conservative executive, found true love with fiancé, Kevin Miller. He infused her life with a sense of adventure and challenged her thoughts about appropriate bedroom behavior. After such a steamy affair, Amber was expecting nothing less during their engagement.

Even with the rushed timetable for the wedding combined with the stress of merging their households and finances, Amber is excited to begin a family with the man of her dreams. However, the beginning of forever is more difficult than either Amber or Kevin thought.

Locked in a battle of wills, Amber and Kevin find their commitment to each other and their future tested. Is this the beginning of their lives together or the end?


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