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Sometimes you just gotta let go.

by on July 6, 2013

I’m never quite sure what I plan to blog about until I actually open up the post and start typing. It’s amazing the topics that I gravitate towards. So I got to thinking about relationships and how we are affected by them. After all right or wrong our personal perception is our reality. How others affect us is how we see and sometimes judge those around us. And sadly not all relationships are healthy. In some cases it would probably be a whole lot better for us if we just let go and moved on. Speaking from personal experience, it ain’t always that easy.

You see I’m what head doctors like to refer to as a healer or something of that nature. If I see anything broken I’ll be the first one searching for my toolbox (mental, emotional or physical) in hopes of mending some shit. It doesn’t always work and sometimes the situation is worse because you didn’t cut your losses.

But I have learned and am in an continuing education program (life) still learning to just let things go. Sorry that was my geeky way of joking. Seriously, though, there will be people we meet that rub us the wrong way. It’s no ones fault just a conflict of personalities. Then there will the the folks that we feel have wronged us and in that case (or at least in mine) I’m looking for the banana and a sock filled with quarters. This time I won’t get caught. Although orange is my power color unless you have hurt y family your just not worth going to jail for. Sorry I digress. Anyway as I get older I’ve discovered a greater store of patience. Don’t get me wrong if my bullshit meter goes off, I no longer have a problem cutting you out of my life and strutting along  the path I’ve chosen to take. *Sigh* Lately I have been doing just that (getting peeps gone with surgical precision) and I must tell you it feels so damn good.

My mom has a saying. Let go and let God. In the meantime if they ain’t bought your clothes, paid your bills or fed you then screw ’em (She actually uses the F-bomb – Go mom!) After many years of debating with myself if keeping certain individuals in my life were sound decisions. I have finally came to the conclusion mother was right. Fuck ’em. Like it or lump it this is me in all my blonde glory and if for whatever reason you don’t like me, well, there is the door. Don’t let the knob hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Phew! I feel liberated. *Throwing my hands up in the air* This is my life and I have every intention of enjoying it. And should something go sideways, it’s my fault and I will live with it. *Huge smile* Thanks for taking the time to visit me on my soapbox. I’m stepping off now.

Wait! I forgot. I know of another person (character) that came to the same conclusions. His name is Myka Blaidd and he is the Ambassador for Volkshire. He has quite the dilemma and I must say he came up with one hell of a solution. The Blaidd boys are back! as usual they are taking no prisoners. Fangs releases in exactly nine days from Sugar and Spice press. *Whispers* I know I shouldn’t have favorites so don’t tell Kuma or Scar but Myka is mine.


Tee Cottons is the sentinel sent from another clan to help protect the humans of the Volkshire pack. As a guardian, she knows what to do. She’s done it a thousand times before only she never had to deal with a potential mate hovering in the shadows…talk about distractions.

Myka Blaidd is comfortable keeping to the pack’s fringes as Ambassador for Volkshire. Considered the most reasonable of the three brothers, he is efficient in handling volatile situations, and then he meets Tee. Her scent evokes powerful feelings he must deny. With war looming, he has to keep a level head–until Tee is threatened. Now he will show everyone just how deadly he can be because for her he is willing to lose everything.



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  1. Relationships are an art form in dealing with them. I’m thinking about our young adult kids and the trickiness of asserting independence and yet living at home and forcing them to pay rent. 🙂 Boundaries help all relationships and the lasting ones survive various levels of conflict.

    • Something else to think about. Perception is reality and our views are shaped by so many things.

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