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by on June 24, 2013

real-ice-creamSummertime and no, I’m not talking about the Billie Holiday lullaby. I am talking about teenagers out of school, the food budget increasing, expensive activities, insurmountable heat and a broken air conditioning.

Two years ago we had our A/C fixed through our mortgage insurance, a plan we pay into monthly for utility coverage in case something breaks. Everything is covered except plumbing outside of the house. We pay the yearly charge and then 75 bucks out for an initial call.

The sucky thing is that they have two days to fix, even though I have a arrhythmia and being in the heat is extremely uncomfortable for me. Today we got lucky they came out finally and sort of fixed it. We had our breaker box rewired and updated last year, they didn’t give us enough amperage to handle the A/C.

So…. When it’s 90 degrees outside and 107-110 inside how do you get in your daily word count? Well I don’t. We either go to the movies until it cools at night or go find somewhere cool. I can’t have the teens inside it’s like getting heat stroke but inside.  I swear when the a/c is on the fritz, I feel like I’m down South where there is nothing but sticky humidity and it’s hard to breathe.

Aside from writing, my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket, the teens are at each other’s throats and heck even the DH and I are pissy. Heat can do that to a person. Make them a bit irrational. Thank god for ice and ice cream. I bought so much of both this past week to help cool us all down.  I had planned on writing yesterday but instead took my teens to the water park where I lazed about on a tube in the lazy river…all day.


I only digressed to feed the teen monsters and to brave the swirl bowl. The swirl bowl is a huge slide with a flushing funnel that drops you into a vortex and sucks you down like being flushed down the crapper. Ever want to feel how that feels, well find a park with a swirl bowl and you’ll know.


Instructions, once the girl pushes you down the blue tube part you must lay back and wait to enter the orange and blue funnel. Hold your nose but don’t hold your breath yet. When you feel your feet drop hold your breath and pray you go down feet first not head first. The suction will suck you down eight feet deep and then push you back up. The ride takes less than two minutes. I was lucky and went in feet first. my youngest plunged down head first and was disoriented. Thankfully there is a lifeguard waiting to pull people up.

I will probably never go down it again 😛


Summertime also brings to mind the rock concerts outside I attend all summer and cool off with a fresh strawberry daq while watching my favorite bands rock out. The heat doesn’t seem so bad then because of sexy men with tattoos belting out songs on multiple stages, mosh pits, food stands, and sometimes a little rain and mud. Everything is electrifying.  It’s interesting the way we respond to heat in different scenarios.

How do you survive the heat?

Now for a treat!


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  1. Girl I feel you on the heat. Just arrived in Los Angeles, a couple a days ago. I know this Summer the thermostat is going to be set on HELL! Luckily my fam has a/c, and the hotel that we’re staying in does too. The weird thing is, I don’t leave the house at all if the a/c is working, and if I do, it’s real early in the morning before the sun has a chance to heat up the Earth. LOL

    Looks like you guys had a blast at the water park. That’s the way to do it. The last thing you need, are hot, unhappy teenagers.

    Oh, and love the treat, going to have a Coke. LOL

  2. Loved this! Sorry about the A/C. Ours broke on Sunday and hubby was dying. For once he was jealous of my anemia.I felt fine!

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