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Summer Lovin’

by on June 10, 2013

For the first time in over six years I’m not attending a scout camp.  I’m not really sure how I feel about that.  My son joined Cub Scouts at six and we attended multiple Cub camps and then a few Boy Scout camps.  I’ve learned to start a fire, tie knots, and I even caught a scorpion a few years ago.  That was really cool because I was then dubbed “the Scorpion Queen” for the last few days of camp.

I know it seems silly, but I’m really going to miss going camp this year.  I don’t mind sleeping in tents, especially when there’s a good cross breeze.  First off, being a woman at a Boy Scout camp has so many perks.  There’s no line in the woman’s showers or bathrooms.  You’re treated with respect everywhere you go and if a boy doesn’t treat you right there are usually seven grown men to correct their behavior. Between the food, the heat and all the hiking you usually lose at least ten pounds.

Although I’ve been going for six years with my son I spent many years going with my father.  The smell of a chemically treated tent brings me back to my youth.  See I never really got summer off for fun after I turned twelve.  It started when I attended a camp for two months on a college campus, taking classes.  After that I worked every summer and in college I took summer school classes because I didn’t have a place to go off campus anyway.

One thing about summer is it’s a time to relax, sit back and let the heat soak into your bones.  I often wonder, do people in the South enjoy the summer as much as us Northerners?  This summer I’ll get some time at a lake cabin and I have a road trip planned.


Summer School Cover

I’ll be giving away an ARC copy of Summer School to a random comment.  Tell me what your plans are for this summer.


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