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Save a knight, ride a Dragon!

by on June 7, 2013

I have wanted to say that for a while. Sadly it has nothing to do with my post. Well, the knight part doesn’t but I’ve quite a bit to say about dragons. There are myths and legends galore about dragons in just about every culture in some form or fashion. They are revered and feared at the same time. It was an image of a dragon in one of my sons books that set me off with a what if…

Stay with me here. What if dragons were real and somehow ended up as the stuff of legend because something major happened forcing them into the shadows of time? What if it happened for love? I could go on and on. In my head the seeds where sown. Perhaps it didn’t just stop there. Maybe every legend started out walking through the ages with man and slowly fell to the roadside for one reason or another. By the time my imagination kicked in I had a note book full of information and the beginnings of a story. The final question I asked myself. What if they were all still around?

And Rogue Dragon was born. It is the first book in my new series, Shifter Legends. No it’s not all about dragons. I’ve sprinkled some interesting characters throughout the read but those big old guys (dragons) good or bad play a huge part in the telling of these stories. I won’t go into too much detail but please allow me to introduce you to Kirill and Synda.

K_Rogue Dragon_200x300


Synda Supreme has known all her life she was a dragon…sort of. The love child of a human mother and dragon father, she’s maintained the secret and lived as a human never realizing that her last name is actually a title.

Until she met another dragon.

Kirill Kavinkovy knew nothing of the woman he was sent to kill but one look at her and he kidnaps her instead–unwittingly setting off a series of events that will change the dragon clans forever.

With her he could rule a nation.


“Do you have a phone Slaa dast?” Kirill inquired

“Possibly. What are you calling me?”

“An endearment, sweetness, nothing more. The phone?”

“Well let’s see, I may have one but some dumb dragon decided to snatch me off the street so it’s very possible that anything I had on me may have dropped into the whatever.” Her voice rose as she spoke.

“Are you always so вопреки? Umm contrary.” He chuckled. “You should be afraid of me yet you sit here and argue with me.”

She waved her hand around. “Please I have dealt with male shifters most of my life and I have handled the biggest, baddest, male dragon yet. So you, well, you’re just a little lizard compared to him.”

Her words cut the tenuous tether he had on his beast at her admission to dealing with other men he felt an urgent need to claim her, his animal snapped its jaws, anxious to be free. His body heated up, he could feel beads of sweat beginning to pepper his face as is body became hotter than normal faster than usual. Steam rose around him and through the mist he though he saw the brief look of panic cross her face.

Kirill moved to his knees and crawled closer to Synda. She scrambled back. He’d had no idea how cold she was until he looked at her though his dragon’s insight. Where her body should have been red she was blue almost to her core. His anger dissipated, first he needed to warm her then he needed to spank her.

“Are you scared now?” His voice was guttural and he smiled to show her his sharp row of teeth.

She lifted her chin. “Nope.” She raised her hands and held them a few inches apart. “Like I said why would I fear a wurm?” She widened the space to the width of the crater his body had created. “When I have had to deal with a dragon like this?”

The insult was too much he pounced. Covering her with his body as his momentum thrust her against the back wall with a hollow thud. She’d leveraged her legs between them and caught him in the gut with her feet driving him back. His knees hit the packed snow and ice cut into knees as he slid back to the other end of the pit. He stared at her and noticed how her color was improving as she returned his gaze through narrowed eyes.

“I may not be a full blooded dragon but I know how this goes. You want me you have to fight me and understand this I will not go down easy.” Synda panted

Laughter rippled through him a rusty sound that erupted past his lips. “You have been taught well our ways Slaa dast, but you education regarding our mating rituals is lacking. I don’t have to fight you, why would I hurt a woman I want? No mате. Mate, I only have to make you want to submit to me.”

She snickered. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

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  1. Reblogged this on Randomosity and commented:
    I was very fortunate to have been a beta reader on Rogue Dragon. I love Kassanna’s take on dragon shifters.

  2. Just got my copy. Looking forward to a weekend of reading. Congrats, Kass!

  3. Kiru you are awesome and thank you!

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