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The Cosmic Universe and Tarot Cards

by on June 1, 2013

62802_633294560018718_1800276031_nBased on Babylonian cosmology. The Earth and the Heavens form a unit within infinite “waters of chaos”; the earth is flat and circular, and a solid dome (the “firmament“) keeps out the outer “chaos”-ocean. -Genisis in the Bible.

A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards decorated with a variety of figures, diagrams and  symbols. Fifty-six cards are divided into four suits with 14 cards each while another 21  cards are unsuited “trumps” – cards with specific powers and symbolism.  The cards are used to help provide advice in a situation or for future divination.

Link to understanding the breakdown of the cards.

Two years ago I was asked to write a story based off of one of the cards. I chose to do Justice which in the cosmos is not good vs evil or settling disputes or law….but the balance of the world. I wanted to do a story wholly unique and unused.

Taming Chaos came from this card. In this story two deities struggle with who they are and what their purpose is. This correlates to most people. At some time or other in our lives we struggle with who we are, what our purpose is and how to cope or understand who we are on  deeper level. Sometimes we have mentors or people to help guide us into who we really are, even if we don’t see ourselves that way.

I chose Chaos and Order because they are to totally polar opposites from each other. Playing with how the universe came to be and creating a sort of pantheon was a blast. I love mythology and God’s and Goddesses 😛 What better way to create a sort of sci fi read than pushing the envelope and letting my imagination run free. Add in some Rom history and a Hindu Goddess to make the story more lively.



Goddess Serephine has come into her powers early. Without the proper tutelage, she spirals out of control, exploding into chaos and harming the current God of Order. Guilt consumes Sere while she’s Chaos at her worst, at her best, she’s a lively young lady. If one man makes her nervous the most, it’s Darvon. God Darvon has been recalled home to take his father’s stead. When he sees him wheelchair bound, he’s determined to have his revenge on the one who harmed him. Until he enters the holding chamber and lays eyes on the pixie face of his childhood friend. In absolute Chaos there can be no peace, with absolute Order there can be no growth. Neither party can deny their godhood. With Astraia demanding that they come to terms and their growing attraction, will they find balance to their souls?



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  1. Chaos vs Order? Now, that’s how you set up tension! I’m intrigued. I love stores that hint at existing mythology.

  2. I love the set up and I’m so intrigued.

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