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Lusious has a new author interview with Tasmin Baker ~ Eternal Hearts

by on May 30, 2013

Howdy peeps,

I stalk the sites, as you my friends know I often do, I came across a new pretty. It was a rather tantalizing cover. So I dug a little deeper and found the writer. Tasmin Baker is a new author but after talking to her for a bit, I must say, phew. This lady can write a hot story. There is an excerpt below. 🙂 I also didn’t want to pass up the chance to interview her so you’ll see that below too. The book has yet to be released but it is coming in June from Evernight Publishing. I post that link too. Have a super Thursday and I’ll see y’all again soon.

1. What’s your snack of choice for a hardcore writing session?
Chocolate… hands down.

2. What is your favorite book on the craft of writing?
hmmmm (buries face in hands) I’ve never read one.

3. What do you like best (or least) about writing?
Best- the ability it has to take me out of the real world.
Least- writing tension, I sort of suck at it. I’m always skipping to the happily ever after, and then my critique partners leave me big red notes telling me where to ramp up the tension.

4. What do you read when you’re not writing?
Other friends work. Specifically Khloe Wren’s menage dragon shifter series or anything by Imogene Nix… though lately I have really been into M/M and read ‘Pup’ by SJD Patterson- AMAZING!

5. Describe your workspace.
Giggle… my laptop on the kitchen bench, on my lap in bed or on my desk at work between my day job demands.

6. Favorite quote?
‘I wish I was a glow worm, a glow worm’s never glum, coz how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?’

7. What’s your favorite romantic comedy and why?
Movies… it’s been a while. The first thing that pops into my mind is ‘you’ve got mail’ a definite classic. Why- because it ends just how it should and has little to no tension- so me.

8. What’s the one place you’d most like to visit someday?
Greece- hubby’s got a lot of family in Greece and i would love to visit to enjoy the food, the culture, the sights.

9. Have you ever disliked one of your characters?
Hmm. yes. I write under a sweet pen name as well and have written a series of four historical romances. The fourth book’s hero. I took months to actually get round to writing it, because I actually didn’t like him. But it was because i didn’t understand his motivation. Once i got that sorted, the story fell into place.

10. What are you working on next?
Edits! I have a trilogy of vampire historical menage stories coming out with Evernight Publishing in June and July, so pretty busy with them.

Meet the author

Hometown: Melbourne Australia!!!

Hobbies: Playing with my kids and writing, that’s it pretty much.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate… alone time with hubby. My acrylic nails.


Blurb ~

For five hundred years, vampires Nathaniel and Michael have loved each other. But without their third mate, they feel empty and incomplete.
Lady Margaret Tonnington is a recent widow who has finally got some control over her life. The last thing she wants or expects is two male vampires, who both claim to need her. She is shocked by the strength of their passion for each other and wants to be a part of that love.
But Michael and Nathaniel want to bind her to them forever. Margaret is hesitant to change her life and fights to stay human. A compromise will be almost impossible, however it is essential for her vampire mate’s lives that she does.

Excerpt ~ Warning, Hot excerpt with language.

“You fucking bastard!” Michael spat at Nathaniel, his thirst so high his fangs were extended and wouldn’t retract.

Nathaniel ignored him as they walked through the streets searching for someone to feed on. Michael knew that he needed blood, now. Anyone would do.

His skin was clammy, and his thirst burnt his throat. It felt like someone had set his oesophagus alight.

He and Nathaniel had been searching for a sweet smelling female for him to feed on when he had smelled Margaret. He had moved before he had decided he needed to follow her. Never had he smelled anyone like her, the magnetic pull, irresistible. Even with Nathaniel in the beginning, he had never felt anything like it.

Michael groaned and dug his fingernails into his hands. He couldn’t decide which emotion was stronger. To feed or fuck? Thanks to deprivation and the arrival of their mate, he needed both so badly.

They heard a woman scream and took off at a run. They found a dirty smelling gentleman forcing himself on a woman who looked like a whore in an alley. It was easy to see that she was not complying.

Nathaniel reached the woman at the same time as Michael grabbed the disgusting man.

Michael sank his fangs into the man’s throbbing artery, and sweet, lovely blood flowed into his starved body. He groaned and pulled the man closer, his cock hardening.

He drank and drank, his thirst unquenchable, and for once, Michael didn’t care. This man did not deserve to live.

Nathaniel stepped up behind him and gently but persistently pulled his head back.

Michael found a shred of humanity still left in his soul. So he disengaged, and the unconscious, but still alive, man slid to the ground. He looked around. The whore was gone. Nathaniel must have taken her back to the house she came from.

His thirst now quenched, his rock-hard cock now had priority. He looked at his mate. His beautiful, generous, far too controlled mate.

“I need you.”

Nathaniel laughed and stepped closer. He dropped his hand down to Michael’s cock and rubbed it hard.

Michael’s breath hissed out between his teeth, and his eyes slid closed. If his mate would just continue doing that, he would come in no time. But no, his mate had other ideas.

Nathaniel whispered into his ear. “I don’t want another alley-way fuck, my love. We have found our third. Let us go home and celebrate.”

Michael shook with his desire but forced it down. His lover was right, and they both deserved more than what his body had in mind.

He turned in Nathaniel’s arms and kissed him. He slid his tongue along Nathaniel’s and rubbed his body against Nathaniel’s hardening one.

“You are right. We are soon to be complete. Let’s go.”

Michael grabbed Nathaniel’s hand, and they ran home. Once there, they kissed and licked every inch of each other’s skin and took turns fucking each other.

They were insatiable, the nervous energy working through their systems in different ways. Michael wanted to go back to Margaret and claim her, turn her so that they could be together forever. But he also knew why Nathaniel wanted to wait, and a small part of him silently thanked his mate for being the reasonable one.

The both came several times before sunrise, finally collapsing due to sheer exhaustion and the bliss of knowing they had found their third.

Before Michael passed out that night he realised Nathaniel was right. Margaret needed to join them willingly. Fall in love with them. And that would mean they would have to woo her, God help us.



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