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Capri Montgomery gives Luscious insight into her new release.

by on May 28, 2013

Hey and happy day to ya.

Today we have Capri Montgomery sitting down with Luscious and giving all of us the lowdown on her new release, Serenity Point. I talk with Capri rather often thanks to social media but this is the first time I got the opportunity to really sit down and get to know her. I will tell you this Capri got it going on. Check out her interview below and don’t sop there! She brought a pretty with her and other goodies but ya gotta keep reading.


Hello and thank you for having me here today.

1.  What’s your snack of choice for a hardcore writing session?

I don’t snack when writing. In fact, when I’m working on anything I tend to forget the time and the fact that I should be eating something. If it weren’t for needing to cook for my mother I probably would forget to eat all together.


2.  What is your favorite book on the craft of writing?

I can’t say that I have a favorite book. I think the only book I really have that focuses on the craft of writing is a screenplay book that I bought to help me with the screenplay I was working on at that time. I had written stage plays before, but as a friend of mine who actually is a screenplay writer had told me, stage plays are chatty. She’s right; there is a distinct difference in how a play for the stage is written and how a screenplay is written so I needed a book to help me get the details together. Sadly, with all the moves, both the screenplay and the book are packed in one of the crates still.

3.  What do you like best (or least) about writing?

I love being able to take the movies in my head and write stories that take me to other worlds, and fictional realities. Gosh, that is an oxymoron—fictional realities, but I’ll let it stand as is. I love exploring characters psychological depth, emotional boundaries and all those crazy things that in real life could get a person killed, but in fiction those things are just too fun to pass up—i.e. having a character like Thena Davis from Secrets and Lies try to confront the Irish mafia on her own. In real life that would be so stupid. But in fiction it’s fun to explore where that serious lapse in judgment might lead.


4.  What do you read when you’re not writing?

Currently I’m reading books for the classes I’m taking, along with music theory books. So basically I’m on lockdown for study, but when I have a breather from writing and classes at the same time I like to read suspense romance and any articles I can get my hands on that deals with nature, biology by way of diseases, and psychology by way of recent advances within the field.

5.  Describe your workspace.

My workspace is all over the place really. I have my office organized and unpacked now, but I still love to work in my bedroom. When I don’t have my chair pulled up to the vanity with my laptop open, I’m either in my office or at the dining room table. My comfort zone is my room, but my office is good too. It’s organized as much as I can get it right now and it leaves enough space to spread out papers while still being able to put the computer in a position that’s ergonomically efficient for my body. I hate clutter, so keeping it neat is vital for any workspace I have.

6.  Favorite quote?

I don’t have a favorite and I think that’s because quotes impact me in different ways depending on what I need at the time when I read them or hear them. I have always liked one that I heard while watching Ann of Green Gables. Basically it’s the quote that mentions that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it—yet.


7.  What’s your favorite romantic comedy and why?

I really don’t watch romantic comedies. I’m more of the action flick or science fiction movie kind of woman.


8.  What’s the one place you’d most like to visit someday?

Well it’s not one really, but on my must see list is Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Alaska. I wouldn’t mind Italy too, but I’ve seen all the other places that I wanted to see except for those so it would be great to get to them someday.


9.  Have you ever disliked one of your characters?

Yes, but only because she was a world class witch and the thought of having to write a story for her left me wondering what could I possibly write for this woman. She really is one of those characters that it’s easy to hate, not love, so I still haven’t figured out what her story will be whenever I get back to working on the series.


10.  What are you working on next?

I’m always working on a few stories at a time, but right now my focus is finishing off the Men of Action series, and currently I’m working on one of the books in my Adventures Through Time series.


Meet the author


Hobbies: I like to sew and knit, baking is fun. I’m also a cellist in training, but I don’t consider that a hobby so much as a passion.

Favorite indulgence: I love music. So I have a tendency to buy a lot of sheet music and music CDs when I can afford it.

Thanks for having me here today. Before I go, I would very much like to share my latest release with you all ~ Serenity Point.



Cash Phillips is trying to escape the past that haunts him, but moving to Serenity Point soon proves to be everything but the safe haven he seeks. When the woman next door reminds him of the woman he couldn’t save. And the passions he long ago silenced rise from the grave. Can Cash start over? Or will the past he ran from follow him to Serenity Point and drag him back to hell?



Now he was standing there, his hands gripping his Tomcat, his heart racing with fear, and his wife in the clutches of an unstable meth addict. “Think about this,” he said smoothly, his tone hiding his nervousness. “You’re surrounded. Look at your options here. Let her go, and let us help you.” He watched the man getting more jittery by the second. Right now Cash wished he hadn’t gotten up to get the napkins he had forgotten when they left the counter with their sandwiches. Right now he wished he had been sitting at the table because if he had been that meth-head wouldn’t have gotten his grubby paws on Ilaina.

He looked in her gray-blue eyes and watched her soft pink shaded lips tremble. “I love you.” She mouthed those words to him. No. He was not going to lose her. He couldn’t lose her.

“Let us help you,” a uniformed officer said as Cash stood there looking for the best shot possible. Ilaina was five-eight and this guy was at most five-nine, if that, so there wasn’t much margin for error.

Cash processed his last words to Ilaina. Before he got up they had been joking about starting a family and he had told her then that he loved her. He had told her then that he would be ready in another year, maybe two, but now wasn’t the best time and she had said, “yeah, yeah. I’ll be busy next year too,” before laughing at him and pulling him in for a kiss.

“I don’t want your help,” the addict said and then he sliced her throat. Cash watched in slow motion horror.

“No!” As her body dropped to the ground the officers with their guns drawn started shooting while Cash ran to her, not thinking of his own safety as he dropped to his knees and placed his hand over her throat. “Stay with me, baby. Stay with me. I love you. I need you to stay with me.”

There were no words to come from her, just gurgling sounds and gasps as she tried to breathe and then there was nothing. She was gone. That meth-head had killed her and he had done nothing to stop him. Cash pulled her up into his arms, cradling her against his body as he cried for her. She was gone and he couldn’t change that no matter how much he wished he could.

Serenity Point is available now in print and e-book format.


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