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by on May 25, 2013

May is almost over and the Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Where I live we celebrate our Veterans and remember the fallen. Before I moved to this town the military was just something I saw on TV during specific holidays. Since moving here they’ve become so much more real to me and my heart goes out to those left behind. In church, we have a wall dedicated to our military personnel, past and present. They are represented by pictures, they are brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, moms and dads of the congregation and I say a little prayer for them.

So while you’re out celebrating this three day weekend with boating, barbecue and bike rides. Take a moment and remember our fallen heroes. If you’d like to take a look into how Memorial Day came about, here’s a website I found MEMORIAL DAY HISTORY.

New York Pix Cam1 088In the meantime do something in honor of your loved one, this isn’t something that has to happen only on the holidays either. Planting a tree or offering up a donation in their honor is something that can be done anytime. Our Military should be celebrated everyday because without them we wouldn’t be able to exercise the freedom that we do enjoy. That said I know what I plan on doing and honestly I may get arrested for it 🙂 but…while out and about I think I’m just going to walk up to a veteran and ask if I can have a hug. You know like that Volkswagen commercial where some one gets punched every time you see the car. Well I’m changing up the rules and hugging every veteran I can find. LOL! Let folks try and stop me. Bwahahahahahaha! I dare you to do the same.

Until next time.


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