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Charisma Knight sits down with Luscious and tells all…well most.

by on May 21, 2013

Hey Peeps,

Happy day to ya. Today we’ve someone special visiting. Okay everybody is special so let me rephrase. Today Charisma Knight is visiting and I consider her a great friend.  Pinning the woman down was hard cause she is busy with her fingers in quite a few pies but I did it. Not only is she visiting but she brought a pretty to show off, her new release through Sugar and Spice Press. My Personal Demon. I have to say I loved it. I’ll let you be the judge though. Given everything this busy writer has going on I’ll go ahead and get started. Don’t forget to to read on and check out her new release.

1.  What’s your snack of choice for a hardcore writing session?

Usually trail mix or honey roasted peanuts if I’m in a snacking mood.

2.  What is your favorite book on the craft of writing?

Storm of Swords! It is the second book I’ve read of George R.R. Martin’s fabulous world!

3.  What do you like best (or least) about writing?

I love writing once I’ve completed a WIP, however, there are times when I feel I can’t get the words out quick enough. I’m so eager to put everything down so I can share it.

4.  What do you read when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing and if I have the time, I’m reading erotic romance books, or fantasy/futuristic books.

5.  Describe your workspace.

My workspace is a large desk in my office that I must fight to keep clear on a regular basis. I hate clutter! 

6.  Favorite quote?

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.  “Chinese Proverb”

7.  What’s your favorite romantic comedy and why?

Splash. Is a classic! I’ve seen this movie like a million times and I love it because the hero and heroine come from two completely different worlds.  We don’t have control over who we fall in love with, but when love comes a knocking, you best answer or you’ll miss out. I loved the part when John Candy jumps in Tom’s sh**t because Tom finds out the woman he loves is a mermaid. Another part I love is when they’re in the restaurant and Tom sends the fork flying against the wall, almost hitting the old man. I go crazy every time I see this part!  LMAO!

8.  What’s the one place you’d most like to visit someday?

We’re actually planning a trip to Europe within the next two years. One of my favorite places to visit is Greece.

9.  Have you ever disliked one of your characters?

Oh yes, that would be Diana Carrington from The Beast Within and Dark Hearts of Charm City. She has been such a PITA.

10.  What are you working on next?

Currently working on Ensnared, another science fiction piece of mine. 

Charlie, my heroine has missed her shuttle to Mars and takes an alternate shuttle because she’s in a hurry to start her vacation on Mars. She soon discovers she’s made a huge mistake. Charlie’s a fighter and refuses to succumb to fear on any level. She’s also skilled with the bow and arrow and has a telekinetic power.  Here’s a little unedited snippet of the story:


Rhyker’s blond eyebrows furrowed and his muscles tensed when he folded his arms over his chest. “Remove that too.” He demanded.

 “Ah, but you said to remove the wet furs, not this.” She smirked quickly, refusing to succumb to nervous emotions. Perhaps she could beat his ass at his own game.

 “Remove the material now or I’ll remove it for you.” His voice was deep and unemotional. “I don’t think you want me to do that? My way will not be so pleasant.”

 Yeah, she figured as much. He’d probably strip her bare and fuck her where she stood. Quickly she pulled the garment from her body and stood naked before the big alien. Immediately his blue eyes glazed over in lust as he observed her body. She could almost feel the heat of his lust against her skin.

 “So what now?” She asked in a bold tone while blocking the view to her boobs with a forearm and covering her crotch with her hand.

 He smiled while circling her like prey and gently removed her hands from her private areas. Reaching out he raked his fingertips across her flesh, making her wince. “You will pleasure me.” He insisted as he studied her reddish black Nubian Twists closely. “Simply beautiful.” He mused.

 His hand melded against the small of her back and began to drift lower. Her sex clenched as his other hand explored her generous globes. His touch scorched her from the inside out, making her skin flush and her breathing shallow.

 “Enough.” She belted out and pulled away from him, but he held her fast. She shook her head and firmly stated “No.”

 “Yes.” He insisted as a large hand encircled her arm before he escorted her to the large bed. “Up.”

 “No.” She insisted and contemplated a swift death. Before she could react, he scooped her up in his arms, carrying her to the bed.

 With a grunt, he tossed her onto the soft silken bed covers and glared at her. “You vex my temper, woman.” His scowl turned into a seductive smirk. “But I enjoy you and I haven’t even bedded you. How is this possible?”

 “You will have to sleep, eventually. You’d do wise to remember that.” Charlie threatened before moving quickly to the middle of the bed.

 “You’re interesting.”

 “You’re a bastard.”

 My heroine must always get the last word in. She eventually tames Rhyker, or does he tame her?? LOL I suppose it is a little of both. I’ve been on a fierce science fiction and demon kick lately!



Here’s the blurb from My Personal Demon, due for release on May 18th from Sugar and Spice Press!


Helena never considered the consequences of striking a bargain with her personal demon, Cyn. The entire Pearsall line was cursed, so what did she have to lose? She would have done damn near anything to stave off bill collectors and ensure her aunt received the best medical treatment possible. When her luck turned around and it was time to make good on that bargain, Helena discovers she’s giving up more than her soul. Is it possible to fall in love with a demon?

After sealing the deal with Helena’s blood, Cyn is determined to keep the mocha-skinned beauty by his side. The curse has claimed the majority of her family, and now he must work extra hard to ensure her safety. However, there’s a little more to Helena than meets the eye. He soon discovers she is the key to ending the Pearsall curse, but she is also the instrument for unleashing Hell on earth.

Meet the author

Hometown:  Glen Burnie, MD

Hobbies:  Web design, massage therapy, fitness

Favorite indulgence:  Cheesecake, beef stir-fry, jalapeño poppers, and mozzarella sticks


Connect With Me:


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  1. Hey Charisma, thanks for stopping in. I enjoyed the snippet and the blurb for My Personal Demon. I can’t wait to dive into the book.

  2. Hi Lynn

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed the snippet and blurb.

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