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My Mom and Inspiration

by on May 10, 2013

As I sit at my laptop and contemplate the upcoming weekend there are several thoughts that flutter through my mind. First is what do my children have planned. Sometimes keeping up with their schedules is a full-time job. I appreciate that they’re socially active, but goodness they need to spend some time at home.

Second, is do I need to be anywhere? That’s a negatory…well there is a Pampered Chef party Saturday and the proceeds benefit Relay for Life.

Third, is Mother’s Day. I don’t have to cook. The hubs and children will be on deck to prepare the meal. Some moms like to go out to eat, but I much prefer a home-cooked meal. My family really caters to me and I truly enjoy basking in the moment. It’s the one day a year where I can pick anything I want for the meal and they make it.

This is also the time I think of my mom. We live about an hour and a half from each other so we don’t get to see each other often. However, we do text, IM and Facebook one another quite a bit

photo-5My mom is one of those great old ladies (shh don’t tell her I called her old, she’ll just say, “You gotta get to where I am.”) She did and does a lot of cool things, She’s the reason why I decorated cakes, she encouraged me to cook and taught me to sew. (she made all the clothes in the above picture) She told me all things in the bedroom should be embraced. She taught me to stand up for what I believe and that love is limitless. Mom is also one of the reasons why I’m a writer. All the money she invested in ink and paper, (which was supposed to be used for school supplies) didn’t go to waste. She listened to my stories and said I can be anything I wanted to be.

I’ve since upgraded to a laptop, but when I do write longhand it’s in a steno pad. My mom finally read one of my stories and the greatest compliment she paid me was, “I’ve got to have more.”

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. You totally Rock!

Oh and if your mom has an ereader, why not gift her with a copy of my upcoming release, Forever in Love. It releases May 11 from Sugar and Spice Press.

ForeverinLove 200x300


Abandoned as a teenager, Bonnie has learned to rely on herself to face the harsh reality of life. Yet in her darkest hour, one man earns her trust and captures her heart. Only problem, she’s too young for a man like Buck.

Ten years have passed and Bonnie has never forgotten the man she’s secretly thought of as her hero in tarnished armor, but has too much time passed to rekindle a flame that never burned bright?

Love is patient. Buck has waited for Bonnie, but he’s nobody’s hero. He’s played the game, made mistakes, and paid his debt to society. Now that he’s changed his ways and professed his intentions, his past misdeeds could jeopardize his future.


She dropped the dough into the simmering golden brown liquid as she thought of a response. A chair scraped behind her and a moment later heat touched her back while warm masculine spice enveloped her. One lightly tanned hand appeared on the counter on either side of her.

“I’ve waited a very long time for you, Bonnie, and now that I’ve found you again, I’m not going to let you go.”

She closed her eyes. He had been waiting for her?

He moved his hands to her waist and leaned close until his lips brushed her ear. “You were smart. You saved your money and got out of the ghetto. You and your brother. That’s all I ever wanted for you.”

A shiver raced down her spine as his warm breath tickled her ear and tightened her nipples. He drew her close, until her back rested against the hard wall of his chest. “As I recall, you told me I couldn’t work for you anymore.”

“The day you moved away was the saddest day of my life.”

“Why was that?”

He turned her in his arms. “You were the bright spot in that neighborhood. You inspired me to get out of the game and become an honest man.”

She held his gaze. “You were always honest, Buck. You just took a different path than most and if not for that path I wouldn’t have survived.”

“Those were hard lessons a teen should never have to learn.”

“It made me who I am.”

“I admire you.”

Warm fuzzies stole through her heart at the compliment.

“There is a matter of debt to settle.”

Her heart pounded. “I thought all you wanted was a thank you.”

“That was then. This is now.” He brought his mouth down on hers and for a moment she stopped breathing.

Only in her dreams had she ever kissed Buck and here he was in fantastic tempting flesh coaxing her lips apart with gentle expertise. Each flutter ignited a slow burn that flared into an inferno and he was the only one who could extinguish her raging desire. She crossed her wrists behind his head, hating that her hands were dirty as he deepened the kiss, his tongue dueling with hers as he pulled her closer.


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  1. Wonderful tribute to your mom!

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