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The Daily Grind

by on April 29, 2013

The Daily Grind


I’ve been asked what my daily process is and it varies. Two years ago when I first became published I was unemployed due to a hiring freeze in my area of expertise. I had all the time in the world to spend writing and honing my skills. In my first two years I released over twenty stories in variety of length.

Now? I work for a pharmaceutical company during the day and I love my job. When time is down, I write things that come to mind on post it notes or scraps of paper for later when I’m at home. Later on when I get home, I have to make dinner, cater to a fiancé who is as hungry for attention as my three teenagers. When everything is calm I have time to sit down and write, I’m so excited to get the next chapter out.

The only interruptions to my daily routine is edits. There are times I get going good and ding ‘you’ve got mail.’ Edits. I haven’t figured out how to switch from editing gears to writing gears and pretty much stop my process until edits are complete depending on the publisher and how fast the entire editing process takes. I do find I love when I have a week or two between rounds because I can get busy on what I was previously doing.

Now instead of knocking out quick reads. I have slowed down. Medication for SVT and the inability to imbibe stimulants make for a sleepy writer. It’s okay though because since I’ve been forced to slow down, the quality is much better as it comes out of my head!

“I’m interested to know what other writer’s daily grind consists of.”

What’s New?

RT begins pre con tomorrow and the Convention begins on Wed, May first. Keep an eye out for contests after the convention. I’ll host a stay at home one for all those who couldn’t attend and another one just for because 🙂

Trading Up just released a week ago!

ML_Trading Up_SM

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Blurb: Camilla’s deal breakers make finding a man to fit her wants, needs, and desires darn near impossible. For years she’s been primped and primed to be the perfect political daughter, when all she really wants to do is let loose without her world collapsing. When a friend sends her Madam Eve’s way, she grabs the opportunity to explore without being outed to the conservative watchdogs.

Jonah Black’s career is heading for a change. His friends have dubbed him married to the military, and he can’t deny that his focus has been off center. While they enjoy the pleasures of life and wives, he has nothing to come home to. When offered the chance for a 1NS, he signs up, unprepared for the exotic woman whose sweet exterior masks enticing sexuality.

Sensory depravation and the natural freedom of anonymity launch unexpected sexual desires. Madame Eve’s only request–Enjoy the sweetness of life and let the chips fall where they may–leaves this couple eager for an eye-opening experience that breaks all the rules.


The flames licking inside her were too much to take, along with his roaming hand. She leaned forward and grasped the chilled wine goblet as a lifeline. When he nudged her lips to take a second taste, she pressed them together, holding her finger up and then laughing because he couldn’t see it in the dark. She took a long cool sip, more from Jonah’s effect on her than the food. She licked her lips then tucked herself against him, momentarily satisfied.


“Mmm.” Cam sighed. “When’s it your turn? I’m having all the fun.”

“I’m having a good time feeding you.”

“You’re not hungry?” In the dark, his heart pounded against her cheek. “I’m hungry, all right. Ravenous, even.” Jonah caressed her thigh. Cam had no doubt his eyes would scorch her to her very soul. His lazy trail along her skin left her smoldering in need. She let him ply her with another skewer to distract from the throb at the apex of her thighs. She sucked a piece of pineapple he held between his fingers. Juices trickled down her chin. He mopped the stream of liquid with the pad of his thumb and nosily sucked it off. Holy bananas, she wanted a taste of him now. Her mind kept rewinding to the feel of his finger parting her lips.

“I uh…need to use the ladies’ room.” Cam pressed the button on the table for assistance and slid off of Jonah’s lap and into her seat. Seconds later, her guide assisted her out of her chair and slid it back in.

“Here we go, Ms. Knox.”

She stepped awkwardly away from the table. Along the way, she heard soft sighs and giggles. Definitely some hard-core kissing action. The idea of giving in to the dark side and making out in public heightened her ardor. A loud bang startled her. She jumped, almost losing Cesaire’s grasp.

“Don’t worry Ms. Knox. Almost there.” A few more steps and he ushered her into a space where dim lighting burned her dilated pupils for a moment before her eyes adjusted. He sat on a lounge chair between two doors marked Men and Women. The dim glow brought her normal self-conscious thoughts raging forward. In the dark Jonah couldn’t see her physical flaws. Would that change once he saw the real her?


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  1. Love the daily grind! I’ve had to take a vacation day from the day job just to get one writer’s obligations met. My personal goal is to spend at least an hour per weekday and four hours on weekends working on the next WIP. Doesn’t always happen.

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