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Sky Awareness Week

by on April 26, 2013


Credit: H. Michael Mogil

Credit: H. Michael Mogil

Five’ll get you ten (and if you get that reference, you’re all right with me, cats and chicks) that you didn’t know that it was Sky Awareness Week. You aren’t in will the cool crowd? Don’t fret, as a hep righteous fox of many things obscure, I can clue you in to the inner workings and you’ll come away thinking the sky is the living end.

What is Sky Awareness Week? This is your time to look toward the sky and:

  1. Learn how to read the sky
  2. Understand sky processes
  3. Appreciate the sky’s natural beauty
  4. Protect the sky as a natural resource
  5. See how meteorology, astronomy, geology, oceanography and hydrology blend with other science to create the environment.


Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

See, cats and chicks, the sky isn’t just blue. It has different types of clouds. Sometimes you can see birds, blimps, planes, helicopters and if you’re Lenticular-Cloudreally lucky, hot-air balloons. And that’s during the day. Take a gander at the sky at night, and your world will open up with wonder.

Ever see shapes in those fluffy-looking white or grey things we call clouds? Word of the day alert: it’s called nephelococcygia.

Now that you know it’s Sky Awareness Week, why are you still reading? Get outside, crane your neck back and practice your own nepheococcygia.


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