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Writing…it ain’t easy.

by on April 19, 2013

Recently I was in in line at the grocery store when I ran into an old acquaintance. We made the small talk you generally might hear between people who are aware of each other but not quite friends. How are the kids?…great and the husband?…Fantastic. Then you get that lull in the conversation and you listen to the whirr of the conveyor belt as your groceries are rolled forward. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled. “Well it was great talking to you have a good day.” She smiles and nods in return and I look at the cashier as she runs my things over the scanner. As the bag boy places my stuff into bags I get a tap on the shoulder. “Whatever happened to the book you were writing?” I can’t help but smile, now we are talking about something I love, writing. “Oh I finished it. It was published last year.”

I pay the cashier without a second though and grab my food laden plastic bags from the young man that filled them and that’s when I hear the dreaded words. “Must have been easy writing to get published so quickly.”  I snapped my head up and stared at the woman. Really, did those words just come out of her mouth? I pasted a grin on my face and cleared my throat preparing a soapbox rant in my head. The handles of the plastic bags cut into y fingers and one bag was heavier than the other which I’m sure at the time gave me a slightly lopsided look. Since I didn’t dress to go to the grocery store I won’t deny I was probably a little frumpy in my yoga pants and t-shirt and heaven knows I had only run a brush through my hair. If you haven’t quite got the picture it wasn’t one of my better days.

The aforementioned smile was fading fast too, I knew I had to make my statement quick. I tilted my head and stared at her. No it wasn’t easy at all. After the research to make sure my facts were correct I started on my book. Getting started was equally daunting. You see I have these voices in my head all screaming at me at the same time, pick me…pick me, tell my tale. Once I’ve sorted through that then I have to find just the right place to open up my story. After that I sit at a computer for hours and lately sometimes days, with the day job permitting, pounding out sentences on my keyboard. Honestly I scrap more than I save. You see for me to write, the stars have to align and if I’m really lucky the heavens will open up, angels will sing and my work will make sense. I left that sentence out of my monologue. Looking back now, I wish I’d said it. LOL! No writing isn’t easy, every book I type The End to has a piece of my soul woven throughout the words. Everyday when I get up before dawn, because not writing isn’t an option for me, I pray that what I’m trying to convey comes across clearly and hopefully the way I intended.

You see when I tap my fingertips on those little black keys, whether I keep the words that stare back at me or not for that brief time I’m happy. Lost in a world of my creation, I experience the emotions of my characters. I am with them when they are hurt or ecstatic. Their dialogue flows through me and when I’m done writing and I go over what is actually on page I’m  sometimes surprised. Did I write it? Yes. Did I know what I was writing? No, I hadn’t a clue. (Grin) For me that is the joy of writing. Writing is an experience almost like a lover. When everything is said and done I like to sip a glass of wine and wish I smoked so I could have a cigarette. So to answer your question in a nutshell, no it isn’t easy. But if your willing to put in the work and embrace the voices in your head, its an experience unlike anything else in this world.

I stepped off my soapbox and nodded my head before taking a quick glance at my watch. What felt like hours had only transpired over a few minutes. The look on her face…priceless and as I walked away, crossed over the threshold of those electronic doors I know I was smiling and this time it was genuine. Something occurred to me on that short trek to my car. I have poured blood, sweat and tears into every book I have ever written, going so far as to sit on them if I wasn’t sure if the story was complete or not. Only to pull the manuscripts out, pet them and go over them again because I want nothing less than my very best to ever get into the hands of my readers. At that very moment something clicked. I wasn’t just a writer anymore I was an author. Although I have yet to reach the status of my idols, believe me I have a lot of them, I am finally comfortable in my own writing skin. Trust me when I tell you it took me a while to get here and it certainly wasn’t easy. Thinking about it though, I wouldn’t change a thing because the ride may have been bumpy but as I look around me, every scrape was worth it.

Later friends, Kass

I have a new release coming. The second book in the Scar series will be released through Sugar and Spice Press May 4th.


Blurb ~

Boris “Kuma” Blaidd was supposed to be Alpha of Volkshire. Instead he passed that mantel onto his brother and went looking for adventure as a sentinel only to come home at the request of his family to protect his nephew. He never wanted a mate and didn’t expect to find her. Especially since she comes in a sexy albeit skittish package and has had her car trunk retrofitted to keep a cache of weapons. Boris knows who she is and what he must do.

He simply has to take a stroll through hell to accomplish the feat

Nix’s life has never been easy but she has made it work one way or another. The only person she has ever truly trusted called her and she came guns drawn, but she never expected to stay. She definitely didn’t expect to meet a hot bear disguised as a man who counters her every move with one of his own.

Boris doesn’t play fair making her want things she knows can never be…or can they?



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  1. I always get “oh yeah, I’m thinking of writing a book about blah blah.” It’s so darn easy to write one of course. URGH. Just like some writers who talk about “giving up” because they’d gotten 10 rejection letters. 10!!! Only 10 rejections and you give up!!! I want to say yes, if 10s your limit then please give up before you send out one query.

  2. Yes, somedays it’s just a struggle to get words on the page. Before I became published the words flowed all the time, and now I’m blessed there are people who offer encouragement and support for what we do.

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