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Another great from a Luscious Author – Lorraine Nelson

by on April 16, 2013

Hi ya,Today we have something special.Instead of an author interview with Lorraine Nelson, she has done a charater interview with the heroine from her new book. Cameron’s Quest. Let me tell you I found it quite engaging. Below that you will also find the blurb and excerpt to her new book as well as the buy links. Let me not forget to mention the pretty… It really bring the story to life. Check it out. Have a fabulous day. Kass


Character Interview ~

Thank you for having me here today! I had a fun time doing this interview. J
Lacey’s Most Embarrassing Moment:

LN: That would be when Cam comes in to catch Lacey bouncing on his bed.

Lacey: Darn! I’ll never live that down.

LN: Nope! He caught you.

Lacey: Hey! It was just so much bigger than what I was used to.

LN: Hmm, hmm. I was talking about the bed.

Lacey: So was I, but now that I think about it…
Finish this sentence:
LN: When Cameron arrived in Ireland, you were…

Lacey: Overjoyed.

LN: No way! You didn’t give the man an inch all the while he was there.

Lacey: Well, I didn’t want to come across as too easy.

LN: Shouldn’t that end with ‘the second time around’?

Lacey: *Shrugs her shoulders* Well, it’s difficult to keep my distance from that man.

LN: *Smirking* Apparently.
Favorite Scent:

LN: Oh! I’ve got this one…lilacs.

Lacey: Nothing flowery for me. I like a light musk.

LN: How boring! Is that what I smell?

Lacey: This happens to be a very subtle scent, and besides, Cam likes it.

LN: Hmmm, gotta have a talk with that guy.


Favorite Movie:

Lacey: Anything with Clint Eastwood in it.

LN: *snort* That’s a favorite actor, not movie.

Lacey: He has so many good ones, I couldn’t name just one.

LN: Why not? Can’t make up your mind?

Lacey: Good question coming from the queen of indecision while writing my story.

LN: That’s because you gave me a hard enough time, trying to tell me what to write.

Lacey: I had to make sure you got it right.

LN: Ha! Give me a break, will ya? I brought you into this world. I can take you right back out.

Lacey: *Superior grin* No one else wanted to put up with you, so you’re stuck.

LN: There are many more where you came from, lady.

Lacey: But none fit the bill as good as I did, and besides, it’s a done deal. Our book releases today.

LN: Our book? Actually, this is Cam’s book, you’re just one of the main players.

Lacey: Well, you wouldn’t have a book without me.

LN: Sure I would. He could’ve fallen for the girl next door.

Lacey: Ha! Too clichéd!

LN: And that’s why I conjured you up. I so love a happy ending.


Blurb ~

Cameron Manning has never forgotten his first love. Of Irish descent, he met red-haired, fiery tempered Lacey Kerrigan in England, but her family returns to Ireland unexpectedly and they haven’t any means of contact. He finds her and receives the surprise of his life.

Lacey is thrilled to see Cameron, but is afraid of being hurt again. She keeps her distance and rebuffs his advances while he’s in Ireland, certain that a long distance affair will never work. But when tickets arrive for her to visit his home in Canada, she realizes his love is true and is willing to give them a second chance.

Fate intervenes when they find a murdered man on Cameron’s back deck. All evidence points to Cameron as the killer. Can their reawakened love survive the stress of a murder investigation? Or will it be the catalyst that drives them apart forever?

Excerpt ~ One hot Excerpt ~ Warning

Cameron’s room faced the back of the property, the only light coming from the full moon as it made its assent. Her body immersed in the silvery rays, she appeared almost incandescent, as if lit by an inner glow.

Lacey reached to pull her sweater over her head, but he stalled her with a hand on her arm. “Allow me.”

He cradled her in his arms for a moment, relishing in the delight of having her near. Then he kissed her again, reawaking the passion that was forever lurking beneath the surface. As they kissed, he worked his hands up under her sweater, locating her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze before cupping them lightly and running his thumbs over the turgid tips. She thrust out her chest, pushing against his hands, wanting more, and he gave it to her.

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into position in front of him, then pushed her sweater up and over her head. “So beautiful,” he mouthed against her skin as he lavished kisses all over. He suckled one nipple while massaging the other, squeezing and rubbing it between thumb and forefinger before switching sides. Her hands tangled in his hair as she held him tight and arched against him.

He couldn’t get enough of her. She tasted like creamed honey, so sweet that he had to taste his fill even as one hand wandered down to cup her delicate mound through her jeans. Lacey reached to undo the snap and zip, pushing the material down over her hips. He stood and laid her down on the bed to pull them off the rest of the way. Down on his knees, he kissed her belly, then parted her curls to delve into her warmth.

She was wet for him, her honey-sweet juices hot on his tongue as he laved her clit and dipped it inside, causing her back to arch off the bed. He settled her legs over his shoulders and suckled to his heart’s content as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. Only when she’d climaxed did he release his hold and rise to stand at the juncture of her thighs, her legs still over his shoulders and her bottom clear of the bed, as he plunged to the hilt.

Her insides clenched around him at the invasion, then relaxed and he began to move, in and out in an age-old rhythm to a song only they could hear. She met his moves, thrust for thrust, their bodies sweat-slicked, their breaths coming in short, hard gasps as completion neared. Her hands were soft as they traveled over his skin, played with his nipples and rested on his ass as she pulled him ever closer…deeper. When he felt her insides clench in readiness, he reached beneath her and pulled her upper body toward his, capturing her lips in a mind-blowing kiss as sensation washed over him in waves. Her scream of pleasure vibrated against his tongue, but was silenced by their kiss as he continued pumping in and out, draining them both.

Cam lay down beside her, cradling her in his arms. The only sound in the room was their harsh breaths as they struggled to take in much-needed air.

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  1. Thanks for having me here today, my luscious ladies. Post looks great! 2 winners from the blogging blitz will receive their choice of book from my Thunder Creek Ranch series. Don’t forget to leave your email addresses. Winners will be announced on the 18th. Best of luck! 🙂

  2. Just got to say cowboys are my favorites!

  3. I hear ya, Vallor. I do love my cowboys! 🙂

  4. Vallory, you won! Please email me with your choice of book and format from my Thunder Creek Ranch series.

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