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Spring Into a Great Romance Novel

by on April 15, 2013

Spring Into A Great Romance Novel

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Spring is here!

Okay well I’m a bit late, since Spring happened a few weeks ago. It must be the snow we’re still getting, the frigid wind battering air that whips across my skin as a bullwhip or the sleeting rain that turns to slush telling me the ground hog was wrong. Mother Nature is a conundrum. I see signs of the illusive season that have me dreaming of sitting on my porch and disappearing into the latest greatest novel. I’m waiting to see our seasonal pet, a groundhog that I mistook for a fat cat I found sitting in the middle of my covered deck watching the grass move. This animal comes back everyspring like a household pet finding its’ way home.

It’s a known fact that I don’t have a green thumb. Rather I kill everything I plant indoor or outdoor. Instead I admire magazines with gorgeous yards, content with knowing, my grass will never be as green and the only flowers that will grace my yard are dandelions, maybe a few honey suckle blooms.

As an author, I’m on a strict allotment for personal time. I mean the characters in my head barely give me enough time to work the day job, and eat, let alone ignore them to indulge in my fetish for erotic romance. I’ve found carving out time to read makes me a better author. Gives me the mental escape needed.  Thinking back, I must’ve been fifteen when I found grandmas romance novels. But it wasn’t until the early 2000’s I found a love for erotic romance. Kate Douglas was my first erotic romance author. One book and I was hooked. I digress! Back to Spring!

I have a list of household chores to do once this wonderful PITA season hits.

  1. Clean all closets, box contents and call Big Brothers and Big sisters for a pickup.
  2. Get the yard work done. Yeah not fun we have those trees that have knobs of green balls that look like spike balls this time of year. Little brown spiky balls are not attractive.
  3. Plant new Grass Seed. Buy the lawn dye to make my lawn look as good as the magazines-plant already bloomed flowers to have a polished yard look even if it’s only for a few weeks.
  4. Bring out deck furniture and check the back deck for loose boards.
  5. Clean the Grill and get ready for BBQ season.
  6. Clean Gutters, powerwash the outside of the house for a squeaky clean look.
  7. Grab a bottle of white wine and my favorite stack of paper books, or my kindle and sneak out to the newly arranged deck to indulge in my love for reading.

After completing all above chores, and by completing I mean delegating family members to tackle their own tasks, it’s important to make ‘me’ time, and by ‘me time’ I don’t mean masturbating with the new fantastic clitoral stimulator the DH bought for me *coughs* I mean letting another author’s heroes take me to that level of satisfaction on another plane of existence.

I fully admit and own up to being a Fiction Ho, even posted it on facebook. I do have love affairs with multiple heroes in any given week. Those affairs give me the sanity to run a household, be a fiancé, mom, bank, mediator, laundress, cook, maid, etc.  instead of drinking a bottle of wine a day to cope with the total chaos of real life. That’s what we all look for right? for a healthy release of daily stressors?

I read all year long. But for some reason reading romance in the Spring brings me back to that first time I fell in love, the newness, the uniting as one, the all-consuming soul encompassing fresh love that nothing could break. Reminds me of that love scene in Jason’s Lyric set in a field of wild flowers, and Brian McNight singing ‘Crazy Love.’

So, Fall into a Great Romance Novel this Spring. Pick up a few new authors you haven’t heard of. I plan to over and over again.

Happy Reading!



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  1. After being published for the first time in 2011 with three stories, I only published in one anthology in 2012 – with Cleis Press. I spent the time reading instead and am glad I did … I wrote in stops and starts throughout the year and now try to balance the two. And I try to not get frustrated when faced with a list of non-writing To Dos … it takes resolve. But, like you, the characters beckon and that’s a great feeling.

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