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The Renewal of Old Love

by on April 12, 2013

happy new wed interracial couple in love preparing for sexSpring is all about newness.

The first embrace. The first kiss. The first time you have to catch your breath because he walks past.

That’s like Belgian chocolate – sweet and wonderful and there’s nothing like it in the World!

Perhaps that’s why there are weddings galore going on this time of year – fluffy gowns, morning suits and if you’re lucky there’ll be time to enjoy a few minutes like the couple to the left before cutting into a towering flowery wedding cake.

But….after the wedding, for you and your romantic hero there is LIFE:


  • Laundry
  • Vet Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Oil Changes
  • Late Nights at the Office
  • Girl Scout  Meetings and Camping Trips
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • LIFE

So what’s the romantic heroine to do?

Plan romance and shave above the knee!

Three Quickie Romantic Getaways for the Busy Couple:

A Matinee – Take off a few hours during the workweek to meet for a movie. You both already have these hours scheduled away from the house so why not?

Date / Errands – The part of the week that I most look forward to is Saturday mornings! It’s not about sleeping late. It’s about grocery shopping with hubby. The kiddos hate to go so it’s just us wandering through the aisles and talking about nothing. There has to be a time when you can do this as well.

Once a Quarter: Take the plunge! Save the pennies. Find a babysitter and rent a hotel room. I don’t think explanations are necessary on this one!

Happy Reading and Loving ~Val


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  1. One of my husband and I’s favorite “date nights” was going to Let’s Dish and making dinners for the next month. I don’t if you have those but it’s a great twofer. You have fun in the kitchen being silly and you get a month’s worth of food. Sadly now that my son eats 4 times what he did then it’s just not as economical but it was great early on with a little one.

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