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April 1st but I have no jokes…well…maybe…one.

by on April 1, 2013

Hey welcome back.
Ya know I am never sure what to write. I’m  a true pantser even with my blog posts. So tonight I am staring at a white screen trying to figure out exactly what I want to talk about. Easter came and  is rolling out the door,  leaving it open for the pranks to come. For one day a year jokers abound and that time is today. Which reminds me, I’ll need to check my shoes when I put them on. Last year my six year old filled them with whip cream. Looking back that was funny but not so much at the time.  Honestly this past weekend crept up on me. Sorry I’m digressing. Back to riddles, jokes and all things funny.

My son started early and as promised I have a joke you can share with your kids. Keep in mind he just turned seven.

S – How do you catch a unique rabbit?  Me – How? S – Unique up on it

I still get a chuckle from that and he was so excited to tell me.

Now if you don’t mind let me tell you about a not so funny situation. I’ve chronicled it in my new book Boaz. The 2nd book in my new series Angels and Demons.

How would you feel if your lover left with no explanation and simply disappeared? That’s exactly what happened to my heroine, Chantale in my new release. Oh I forgot to mention Boaz, her lost love is a demon and he is on a mission.


Blurb ~
Working for the DOD, Department of Demonology was a lowdown, dirty and thankless job. After all technically it didn’t even exist and was actually part of the great agreement between otherworldly beings much larger than herself. But it was a job and one Chantal was good at.
She was a Skip Tracer, charged with locating and returning illegal Demons who broke out of hell. That was the fun part. Her problem, how did she chase down something that didn’t escape and simply went rogue?
Boaz has been charged with bringing an old friend back into the fold. Few people realize that Lucifer set up his own police force of sorts and charged certain demons with chasing down their kindred. Now he had to locate the problem, negate it and get the hell out of town before he runs into the only woman he ever loved. Good thing she didn’t know he was back.

Excerpt ~
Boaz stalked the hallway outside of Chantale’s condo. As soon as the sun rose, he’d found himself driving to her home. She’d moved since he’d last seen her, but he’d always kept tabs as to exactly where she was. The funny thing was he hadn’t realized he was going there until he parked in the garage. He stopped and stared at his reflection in the mirror at the end of the passage. “You’re a demon. Legions fear you. What the hell is your problem over one insignificant human hunter?” He rubbed his jaw. “Who throws one hell of a right hook. That was a first.”
The elevator dinged. An old woman shuffled into the hall and looked at him. Her eyes widened, smoothing out the wrinkles around them. She gripped her purse strap a little tighter, backing up. The elderly lady turned on her heel and scuttled away.
He glanced at his reflection. He was shifting between forms. His emotions were getting the best of him. He took a deep breath and put a choke hold on his feelings, locking down the demon. The whine of hinges alerted him that someone else was coming. He rolled his head on his neck and tried for what he hoped was a pleasant smile. When he lifted his face and met the chocolate gaze of Chantale.She leaned on her doorjamb and watched him like a hawk.
“Want to tell me why you’re out here scaring my neighbors?” She crossed her arms under her breasts and cocked her head.
“Not really.” Boaz moved quickly, pushing her through her doorway.

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