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Limping…But Moving Forward

by on March 25, 2013

Spurred on by Kassanna’s earlier post, Three months in let the mayhem begin, I pushed bravely ahead with my goal to self-publish a three book series and complete a follow-up to the novella, In The Moment.

I worked hard throughout the month of March to get the projects moving. I sent the final version of Deja Vu, the first in The Rose Gold Collection, to my editor and promptly received a version to be reworked back. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been working the edits and was able to send a copy back to my editor. After a few days, I received the all clear!

I’m done right? I could concentrate on the next work-in-progress. Nope! The last week has been spent formatting the book for sale on All Romance, Smashwords and Amazon. After a few more days of going to sleep at 2 AM, I was able to complete the work for All Romance and Smashwords, but the work continues for Amazon. You see, I’m offering a print version of the book so….the waiting begins for proof copies to be read and agonized over.

And I’m tired, really tired. I know that the hard work and sleepless nights will pay off in the end so I surrey forward – limping, but still moving. (Sorry for the archaic English term, but I’ve been channeling my heroine’s mom for the last few days.)

This indie publishing thing is not for the faint of heart, attempt at your own risk!

While I hurry up and wait for the next step, you can find the first book of The Rose Gold Collection, Deja Vu,  on All Romance and Smashwords.

DEJAVUFinalRomanceDarcey St. Claire is never surprised when a man is attracted to her. In fact, her style revolves around that assumption. From her short skirts to her thigh-high boots to her flirty laugh, Darcey flits along the edge of provocation to sell the overpriced services of the Hayden Court Hotel and afford her the spot as top Sales Manager.

So the lustful looks Vincent Guidry cast in her direction didn’t faze her. It was the feeling of déjà vu creeping up her spine that made her run at breakneck speed away from the handsome former quarterback.

And she wouldn’t have ever sought him out again. Not for herself. But there was someone else to consider…


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  1. I have no doubt you’ll get there! 🙂

  2. Thanks Kass!

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