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Cora Blu, The Inspiration.

by on March 22, 2013

Hello everyone.              poster-for-You-Called-Me_ed
Cora Blu, here and today I want to share the event that spurred the initial scene behind my upcoming Contemporary release.

The story I’m working on now is titled “You Called Me” which has morphed into a three book serial. The first book will be released this month, the second “Wait for Me” May 1st and “Stand by Me” June 1st.

To set the scene, it’s six am. A dark cool autumn morning at work…

A few years ago, I worked midnights ten hours four days a week. You don’t sleep well when you’re trying to become a published author and work a ten-hour shifts and are in charge of over thirty people in three different rooms. In addition, you’re dealing with money transactions and wire transfers.

One morning, half asleep, I got into my car and could feel sleep dragging at me. I called home to talk to my husband. Conversation was what I needed.
This is when things became…special.
Cranking the heat up I dialed without looking. Radio going and hung the little earbuds around my neck so I could hear my husbands voice when he picked up the phone. Putting them on I knew was unsafe because I couldn’t hear oncoming traffic.

Coming out of the parking structure, I look right, look left, look right. No cars I pull out onto the street. Should I jump on the freeway? Nah too tired.
I know…I’ll go down five mile, sing, and talk before the school buses come out. Six a.m. waiting for hubby to pick-up the phone.

“Hey, why’d you call my cell?”
(That tone was funky, but I’m tired could just be me.)
“Good morning sunshine. I know you were getting “K” to the bus. Make sure “H” has her field trip money. She’s paying for two trips and I placed it in one envelope but they have permission slips wrapped around them individually.”
“Why didn’t you call the other phone?”
“The house phone? Cause you should be at the bus stop.” What the heck is wrong with him? One of the girls done irritated the stew out of him. Somebody’s hair must have needed to be braided. I could hear him fumbling around sounded like he was putting on a coat. Shouldn’t he already have it on?
He said, “Wait a minute…let me step outside, stay on the line.”
Step outside? Of the car? Why would he step outside the car? It’s cold. That looks questionable a tall man walking circles around a car at a teens bus stop. (This was me thinking)
I said, “Look, I’m leaving work. I just wanted to talk to you. I’m sleepy and want to get home before “H” left in one piece. Didn’t wanna be weaving all over the road.”
A minute of silence.
“Wait, baby wait. I’m sorry. You said she has an envelope, where is it?”
“Thank you. It’s in her backpack. Tell her to have Ms. “K” sign it so we know she turned it in. And please tell me there’s coffee left.”
“There’s coffee, baby. I’ll run you a bath. Keep talking what went on at work?”
“The system froze. I had to go play with “Ricoh” reboot it and you know how I hate that ice-cold room. Nevertheless, we got the transmissions out on time. You know how I refuse to miss a deadline.”
“My girl. Where are you?”
“Going down Haggerty, less traffic. Sing to me or something.”
“What song?”
“Blue suede shoes.”(My hubby sings Elvis to me seriously)
He proceeds to sing a bit off but I’m tired.
“How close are you?” he asked.
“I’m almost home. Coming up on “F” road now. I’m good now…be home in a second, coming up on the bus stop. I see the car. See you at the house.”
(Okay, Cora here, this is where my heart fell out of my chest.)
“Ms. I don’t know who you are and I started to hang up on you until you said you were sleepy. Any morning you wanna call me, I’ll listen. Can’t have a mother that concerned about her children, getting killed on her way home.”
“Excuse me!” (It the curb pulling into the driveway.)
“I’m sorry Ms. Whoever you dialed you dialed my phone instead. I didn’t mean to snap. I have a sister with children and I would wont someone to talk her home. Keep my number and anytime no one answers the phone you call me, I’ll talk to you…You home safe yet?”
“OMG…I’m so sorry. I…”
“Don’t worry about it. (I could hear outside noises, cars dogs and then he verified my suspicions and don’t ask me why I’m still listening…I don’t know.) He continued, “I went outside didn’t wanna wake my girlfriend. I’m “R” by the way…”
“Goodbye “R”
(Me sitting in the driveway, hands frozen on the steering wheel and heart pounding like crazy.)

That was a thirty-minute call. “You Called Me” was inspired behind that call. Although I take the story in a different direction, it all started because I didn’t program my phone.
This story will be released spring 2013.
Do you have a wrong number story?
Sincerely, Cora Blu.


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  1. Shyla Colt permalink

    Cora that is amazing! this is on my TBR list now for sure.

  2. Cora, that’s so cool!

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