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Pushing Your Limits.

by on March 16, 2013



I thought long and hard about what I wanted to post today. I don’t have any witty sayings or quick replies. Truthfully I debated on whether or not to broach the subject.

When I was a child, I thought my mother was Wonder Woman (she sort of looked like her too!), she always seemed to have so much going on and yet there was always time for me. Even if that time did involve me playing on the floor  of her office at the community outreach center where she was a paralegal. At home our house was constantly filled with kids playing and somehow breakfast, lunch or dinner was on the kitchen table by the time my dad got up or came home.

Sadly I am not my mother. No matter how much I wish it was so. And it breaks my heart that I don’t feel like I am following her example. Boy have times changed.

I put in twenty hours days for my love of what I do. Sometimes I cook and sometimes there is takeout. My kids are geeks or introverts and I kinda worry about that but they socialize on some level so I shrug it off most days. When I did work in corporate America, due to my job they spent more time in daycare then on any office floor I worked at. I pushed myself then too, more money, more things. I wanted my kids to have what I thought I lacked growing up.

With my mother I had the most important things of all and I am just realizing it. She gave me outlets for creativity, acceptance, love and a thirst for knowledge. She helped me create the world where my characters live. The very essence of where I pull my ideas from. If she ever pushed her limits, was tired or worn out, my mother never let it show. Because of that she never allowed me to set mine. Growing up I had no boundaries the world was my oyster and the pearl was anything I set my heart on that I could do.

I might have realized that a little to late. In an effort to give my children everything material. I lost sight of my mom’s teachings. Now I’m reclaiming that and pushing beyond what I know I can do to what I think I can do. The work is harder but the rewards are so much more breathtaking. My kids sit in my home office with me to do homework…to talk. After forty years I finally learned the hardest lesson. Somethings are never easy to obtain, if they were everybody would be doing it. Reaching your goals though, putting in that extra effort. By God it has it’s own rewards.

Best of all, was the pride in my mom’s eyes when she held my first print book and exclaimed “I am so proud of you for following your dream.”

That sentence right there made the late nights and missed meals worth it. It made pushing past my limits that much sweeter.

Until we talk again. Have fantastic day.


My latest release. See Dick Run.

SeeDickRunMoira Blackstone is living her dream. She is a private detective in Baton Rouge, LA. Most of her jobs involve low level cheating husbands and minor thefts, until the case of a lifetime falls in her lap. She’s been tracking a potential serial killer dubbed the Valentine’s Day Widower. There are only two small problems with this job. Kever LaRue is the officer assigned to the case, and the serial killer she was after committed suicide in front of her.

Or did he…Someone has made multiple attempts on Moira’s life.

Kever LaRue is a gator hunter turned homicide detective with the Baton Rouge P.D. He’s been after Moira since she came to town in her tight jeans and fast car. She’d never really given him the time of day, but now she had no choice. An unknown assailant is after her, and Kever is assigned as her protection. Now if only he could keep her from getting herself killed without throttling the life out of her himself or making love to the aggravating woman, he’d say it was a good day

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  1. Alyssandra Foster permalink

    Sometimes things are better seen in hindsight. I’m glad that you realized what you wanted before it became a memory. We often get so caught up in what is expected of us that we forget what we really want out of life.

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