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Who Run the World?

by on March 8, 2013

Most know that I try to take over the world on a daily basis. Hey, you have your hobbies I have mine. 🙂 However in the quest for world domination a la Pinky and the Brain, I had a chance to learn about a woman who truly dominated in her field, Phillis Wheatley.

She was a slave child from Africa and sold into slavery when she was about seven or eight. She was taught to read and write, which was totally unheard in those days. (Way to dominate) And she had some amazing firsts.

  • First African American to publish a book
  • An accomplished African American woman of letters
  • First African American woman to earn a living from her writing
  • First woman writer encouraged and financed by a group of women (Mrs. Wheatley, Mary Wheatly, and Selina Hastings.)

I don’t think there’s a better example of the legacy this woman left behind. Phyllis paved the way for many writers, women writers to stretch their imaginations, to support one another and embrace the talent and beauty that they are.

Take the time to learn an extraordinary woman this month. It doesn’t have to be a pioneer like Phyllis, or Marie Curie or even Madame C.J. Walker, but maybe your mother, grandmother, aunt or any woman who has a story to tell. You maybe surprised at what you learn.


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  1. Lynn, what a wonderful post!

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