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Three months in let the mayhem begin.

by on March 1, 2013

LionsHey folks,

Its good to see you. Sorry I’ve been a bit under the weather and not around but hopefully that is about to change. Any hoo lets talk about resolutions. Don’t look at this post with you eyebrows drawn together. You heard me right I want t talk about those promises we made ourselves at the beginning of the year. I know how important it is for some to stay true to those ideas they formed in January. Then there are those of us that break their resolutions after the first two weeks. I was a part of that group so at this juncture of my life I just stopped making myself the promises at New Years I knew I wasn’t going to keep.

I know what your thinking. Where is she going with this?

Just hang with me for a bit and no it’s not the cough medicine making me loopy. I am actually trying to make a point.

This year I’m trying something different. It took the first few months of the year to get sorted. As always there are things to be done that can only happen in Jan and Feb. Which brings me to March. The say this month comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I am hoping for the opposite. I have set the ground work, taken care of all the little things that like to raise their ugly little heads and now, finally I’m ready. I am making my declarations and embracing my ideas this month. I am ready to create my own destiny and it starts now March 1st, 2013. As I said in the title, let the Mayhem begin! and God help those who would get in my way.

Why you ask?

Well, look at it this way. In the months leading up to January, we are so busy with the holidays of giving we don’t take much time for ourselves. How can we even attempt to follow through on out goals if we really didn’t have time to set them up properly. I mean do we really even think about them unless some says “Hey, What’s your New Years Resolution?” I know I don’t. So this year I took my time and planned out the thing most important to me. My family and my career and how they interact and affect each other.  Starting now I will put my plan into action and pray it doesn’t fall apart in a few weeks. Simply put I hope to strut like a lion through the rest of the year and if this works I will be doing it again in 2014.

So now that I have let you in on my way of handling resolutions. Tell me yours. Have you kept the promises you made yourself in January? Are you tweaking them to move forward into the rest of the year? What is one of your most important goals?

I look forward to seeing your responses. Talk to you later.


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  1. No resolutions, but I had to walk away from something that wasn’t working for me. It was a hard decision, because I have a big heart, yet sometimes life rattles your cage for a reason. Now if I can keep the supply of coconut water chilled, I’ll get through 🙂

  2. Cora, you have to do what’s best for your peace of mind. Lots of hugs hun!!

  3. My plan to exercise went by the wayside. It’s very painful and I wanted to kick my instructor, but couldn’t lift my legs to do so. I’ve modified that to yoga.

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