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Three True Life Love Stories

by on February 25, 2013

As February winds down, the chocolates are eaten, the roses are bowing their heads and the balloons are slowly settling toward the rug, let’s take a quick look at some true life love stories.

Juan and Evita Peron

Made world-famous by the musical and movie Evita, Evita Peron was the second wife of President Juan Peron and served famously at the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952.  Together they became a force that captured and charmed the people of Argentina, transforming the scope of Argentinian government.  They remained together until Evita died of cancer in 1952.

Tristan and Isolde

Isolde was the daughter of the King of Ireland.  Though betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall, she fell in love with Tristan, the nephew of the king and continued their secret affair even after she married.    When King Mark eventually discovered the affair, his love for Isolde was so strong that he forgave her, but banned Tristan from the kingdom.  Tristan then met and married Iseult,  but never forgot his true love Isolde and became ill from missing her.  He wrote a letter asking Isolde to come and finally be with him.   If she agreed to come, the returning ship’s sails would be white.  If not, the ships sails would be black.  Upon the ship’s return, Iseult saw that the sails were white, but couldn’t bear being separated from her husband.  So, she tells him that the sails were black, causing him to die of grief before Isolde could reach him.

Annie Oakley and Frank Butler

The 1940s musical “Annie, Get your Gun” was inspired by this true life love story

Annie and Frank (and dog)

Annie and Frank (and dog)

between Annie Oakley, a skilled shooter and Frank Butler, also a marksman.  Their love blossomed after Butler bet the audience that he would be able to best any local marksman.  Annie took him up on his bet and beat him at his own game.  After that, the two began courting and married in June of 1882.  Proving that a good man knows a good woman, Butler abandoned his promising career to manage Annie’s.  They both participated in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.  Annie died in 1926 and Frank died 18 days later after 44 years together.

Not all of the love stories that I mentioned above had a happy ending, but it is interesting to see how many of the movies and love stories that you’ve seen and read are inspired by true stories.


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