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From Braided Cord to Ring of Gold

by on February 22, 2013

71011-20130209February is National Weddings Month. While there aren’t many weddings taking place in the US in February, brides-to-be are furiously planning. It is a little more than 90 days before the June marathon begins!

Since they’re planning, they’re already engaged. And the engagement ring will be on display. Whether it is a simple diamond solitaire set on a gold band or a sparkling platinum band inlaid with diamonds and a princess cut solitaire that could choke a horse, the bride-to-be will certainly flash her newly ringed finger!

So how did this ring business come to be?

It may have started in prehistoric times when cavemen tied the wrists and ankles of their chosen mate until she stopped trying to run away. A braided cord was then  tied around her finger as a reminder of her submission.

Ohhh….Hmmm….okay, moving on!

In 1217, the Bishop of Salisbury declared a marriage legally binding if a young woman was given a ring prior to consummation of the relationship. The edict came about  because the rogues of the day were giving rings to young women, deflowering them and then moving on to the next virgin.

So where’s all the pretty love stuff come in?

Well, it’s more of a business / advertising venture. You see, in 1880, diamonds were discovered in South Africa. In 1886, Tiffany & Co. introduced the iconic Tiffany setting. By the end of the 1930s, Hollywood had embraced the idea of the diamond engagement ring and the rest of the US followed!

But is the bride-to-be thinking of all this stuff? No!

And she shouldn’t, she has to plan her day as a princess and hopefully enjoy many more with the love of her life.


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