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Beautiful Trouble Publishing gives Luscious a taste of what they have to offer.

by on February 19, 2013


Avatar JandJ 25 percentBeautiful Trouble Publishing’s  tag line is, A dealer of Superior Read. With a line like that I figured they had a lot to live up too.  Let me say this, they  deliver. I had the fortunate luck to meet J & J also known as Jayha and Jeanie not to long ago when they hosted me on their blog talk radio show. Here’s the link and trust me you don’t want to miss it, they can come up with some awesome topics. but I digress.

I need to tell you after talking with them, they are two of the nicest women I have had the pleasure of meeting. These ladies are not only doing their thing on the publishing side but on the writers side as well. Jeanie and Jahya are each multi-published authors in their own right. That’s what I call multitasking!

Now given everything they have going on, BTP will also be hosting an Eat and Greet this June in Atlanta. Go to their site here for more info on that party. I will be attending those festivities myself and I must admit I am rather excited. Again I am veering off track.

Getting back to BTP and their superior reads, take a look at some of their authors and their books and blurbs.

.001Sometimes one kiss…
For five long years since the day he met Addison McClain, Maikao Iona has been making every excuse in the book as to why he can’t date anyone. But the real reason is the fact he fell hard for her the day he laid eyes on her…her, assets by accident during a charity fundraiser. The issue? He knows if he comes remotely close to telling her how he feels that she’ll run faster than an Olympian the moment the words “I love you” leave his mouth. So Maikao has to be crafty, he has to be smooth, he has to…well, damn it, he has to go claim his woman, who is now determined to date one of their mutual friends.

Is all it takes…
Every second that Addison McClain is in Maikao Iona’s presence feels right. Something that wasn’t so confusing when they were simply best friends. Yet now things have grown, changed, molded into a relationship that doesn’t feel so…friendly anymore. Past history tells her that she isn’t remotely what Maikao is looking for. The question is—why does her fireman lose his ever-loving mind every time she mentions dating someone else?




693024.TIFTraveling to London to attend her goddaughter’s commitment ceremony, the most trouble neonatal physician Beverly Palmer planned to get into was shopping the exclusive shops for some sexy boots, handbags and linen. She had no thoughts of love or romance until the day she walked into a restaurant and met her future. One look and she knew her life would be forever changed.

After the death of his wife decades ago, entrepreneur Seamus MacVichie had resigned himself to living out the rest of his life alone. Though he would’ve liked having someone special to share his life with, he wasn’t looking. The last thing he expected was to find the perfect woman in one of his own restaurants, but there she was. Seeing his destiny shining in the eyes of this woman, he wasn’t going to waste any time. Accustomed to going after what he wanted, he set about claiming his future. Now all he had to do was convince the lovely physician.





.001Invited to a Christmas wedding, all Maxine could concentrate on was how much her feelings had changed for the brother of the bride. Cameron had long since gone from being her best friend to being everything she wanted in a man, but she’d put a restrictor plate on their relationship. That’d worked in the past, but all it was doing now was reminding her of how foolish that had been.

Cameron was living every man’s dream: being friends with benefits with the most beautiful woman he’d seen. His best friend, somewhere along the way, he’d fallen in love with Maxine. Honoring her request became increasingly difficult, especially when he realized that he didn’t just want to sex up this woman; he wanted to come home to this woman every night.

How much more can Maxine take of being so close to Cameron, yet still so far away? With gentle encouragement from his parents and straight out meddling from his sister, can Cameron make Maxine his by this Christmas?



Those are just a few of the reads they have to offer. If you check out their site I’m sure you will find so much more than the minute taste I’ve had the pleasure of showing you. Given the chance I know this publisher will rock you to the tips of your toes with the sheer volume of entertaining reads. Not to mention my personal favorite. The pretties or cover art as some of you folks like to call it. *Hangs head* Yes I admit I scroll through their site sometimes just to look at the covers…don’t judge 🙂

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks again for visiting Luscious.


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  1. tasha smith permalink

    Love them!!

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