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Let’s talk about love and new releases.

by on February 18, 2013

I love love. Does that make sense? I enjoy every aspect of the emotion. That giddy feeling int he pit of my stomach. The tingles that run along my skin from the touch of a significant other. Lets not forget the unwavering belief that it will never end, this roller coaster we willingly put ourselves on that can take us higher than any drug  just from a simple word uttered. Or a touch. The idea of love, falling in love, being in love has inspired poems, books, song and movies to a number I’m sure I don’t want to count too.

Now let’s flip that coin and look at the other side of the spectrum. I was watching Investigation discovery, don’t judge. What happens when love turns into obsession. How about when it causes you to spiral into a depression so deep you can’t claw your way out. What happens when that desire to relive those happy emotions makes a person seek out different people multiple times or at the same time?

I became a writer because all these ideas and more fascinate me. In my new release I look at both facets. A blossoming love and a dangerous love. Check out the blurb below. My book, See Dick Run, drops in e-book form on 2/28 from Sugar and Spice Press and its part of a anthology, Lovers Revealed.


Moira Blackstone is living her dream. She is a private detective in Baton Rouge, LA. Most of her jobs involve low level cheating husbands and minor thefts, until the case of a lifetime falls in her lap. She’s been tracking a potential serial killer dubbed the Valentine’s Day Widower. There are only two small problems with this job. Kever LaRue is the officer assigned to the case, and the serial killer she was after committed suicide in front of her.

Or did he…Someone has made multiple attempts on Moira’s life.

Kever LaRue is a gator hunter turned homicide detective with the Baton Rouge P.D. He’s been after Moira since she came to town in her tight jeans and fast car. She’d never really given him the time of day, but now she had no choice. An unknown assailant is after her, and Kever is assigned as her protection. Now if only he could keep her from getting herself killed without throttling the life out of her himself or making love to the aggravating woman, he’d say it was a good day.


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