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~A Luscious Post by Laurie Sorenson ~ She Spins a Great Tale!

by on February 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers, cupid flying around shooting arrows bringing lovers together. Hearts, roses and chocolates. But do you know the story behind Valentine’s Day? I’m here to tell you the tragic tale.

Claudius the Cruel ruled Rome with an iron hand during St. Valentine’s time, around 278 AD. Claudius needed men to fight in his army, but the men didn’t want to join the army. Claudius thought that the reason behind it was simply that the men didn’t want to leave their wives and families. To fix that problem, Claudius banned marriage and engagements.

St Valentine, A holy priest thought that the edict was complete injustice to love, so he performed marriages in secret. When it was discovered that the priest Valentine was defying Claudius’ orders, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine was brought to Rome and put before the Prefect who condemned him to death. Beaten to death with clubs and his head was cut off, a sentence that was carried out on February 14th on or about 270 AD.

It doesn’t end there, Legend has it that while in jail he wrote a farewell note to his jailer’s daughter who had become his friend during his incarceration. It was signed simply “From Your Valentine.”

After his death, the priest Valentine was named a saint because of his constant service to the church.

Now all of this is legend, no concrete proof has ever been found. There was however, three different Saint Valentines. All three were martyrs and mentioned in Catholic doctrines about the date February 14th. One of them was in Rome, another in what is now called Italy and the third was in a Roman province in Africa.

One thing to know for a certainty, Valentine’s Day is a day for Love, so spread the love around, give flowers, write your lover a poem, give chocolates or even just be together for the day. But be sure to say “I Love You” to the one you love on Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year.0.8

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