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Chicki Brown gets Luscious…a look at You Make Me Feel Brand New.

by on February 5, 2013

Hey y’all I’m back. Happy February.

I have the pleasure of kicking this month off with the Unsinkable Chicki Brown. Get it…like the movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Okay maybe not and I’m just showing my age. Anyway forgetting the reference, I still have an awesome author in our midst. She has kindly sent us a pretty and excerpt to her newest release, You Make Me Feel Brand New.  Check them out below.

YMMFBN - Final Cover


Excerpt ~

On Monday morning, Mac called and invited Jan to the Alicia Keys concert at Chastain. She quickly accepted, thrilled yet apprehensive about her first date in twenty-five years.

He rang the doorbell promptly at seven on Friday night. She stifled a laugh when she opened the door and saw him wearing a white gauze shirt that matched her dress. “We couldn’t have done better if we’d planned it. My girls are going to be so jealous. They wanted to get tickets, but the show sold out early.”

They arrived at the Chastain Park Amphitheater early and had a little time to talk before the show started. Mac recounted his years as an Army brat who’d lived all over the country.

“Earlier you mentioned family. Do you have brothers and sisters?” Jan asked.

“One of each. Don’t laugh, but my father was military to the bone, right down to naming his children. He’s a war history buff and named all of us after famous generals – MacArthur, Patton and Grant. And Pat is a girl.” He let out a rumbling laugh that made her toes curl.

“Very imaginative. So Mac is just a nickname.”

He opened the hatch of the Range Rover and produced a picnic chest and a folding bamboo tray table. The chest contained a perfect meal for a warm summer night – chicken salad, croissants, a green salad, chocolate-dipped strawberries and bottles of sparkling white grape juice. The man definitely had style. He’d even remembered to bring citronella candles and mosquito repellent.

“This is lovely, Mac.” All traces of her earlier nervousness had disappeared until he asked, “Did you say something about your girls earlier?”

Had she said that? A sudden a trickle of sweat inched down her back. Now that it was out, Jan figured she might as well address the issue. “Yes. Bobbi, that’s short for Roberta, has been on her own for a couple of years now. Valerie is sophomore at Georgia State. She lives in an apartment in the GSU Village.”

“You look too young to have college-age daughters,” Mac replied with no change in his easy, relaxed manner.

“Oh, you’re sweet. The truth is I’ll be forty-seven this year.” She held her breath and waited for the hammer to drop.

Instead he sent her an admiring look. “That’s hard to believe. I wouldn’t have guessed you were past thirty-five.”

A burning heat rushed into her cheeks. “Thank you. Are you sure it won’t be a problem for you?”

Mac fixed his gaze on her face. “Your daughters or your age?”

Jan gave him a sidelong glance. “Both.”

“Why would either one be a problem?”

Jan smiled and studied the man sitting next to her. At just over six feet tall, his beautifully proportioned body moved with easy grace. Gold jewelry seemed to be his weakness, but he limited it to a watch, a ring and a thin rope chain around his neck. His demeanor appealed to her the most – cool without appearing arrogant.

Very conscious of his physical presence, Jan didn’t talk much during the show. When the music ended, Mac packed everything up and preceded her back to the parking lot.

“This was a wonderful evening, Mac. You really outdid yourself.”

He put his hands on the car on either side of her shoulders, hemming her in. When he leaned forward and inched her back against the truck, the musky masculine scent of his cologne teased her senses.

“I really like you, Jan.” He fingered one of her dangling earrings, cupped her face between his hands, and kissed her long and deep, leaving her feeling as if she’d had a Mojito overdose. The delicious sensation of the touch of his lips wasn’t passionate, yet it was more intimate than the kind of kiss you’d give a friend. Instantly Jan felt heat in places that hadn’t been warm in a very long time. Mac had awakened something inside her that had been dormant for years. The thought of telling him how she really felt about him scared her silly.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book, Kassanna!

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