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Freezing Cold and Reading

by on January 28, 2013

Winter is not my time of the year. Cute sweaters and colorful fuzzy socks can’t make up for my watery eyes and numb fingers.

Snowy HighwaySo what gets me through these cold snaps?

Chili – A hot bowl of chili with shredded cheese, Fritos and a dollop of sour cream on top can make me forget that it’s freezing outside.

White Chocolate Mocha – An addicting drink from Starbucks that is oh so good. It probably has a billion calories, but it can warm you down to your toes.

A Snuggie – When I’m counting the errands that won’t be run on a cold day, I wrap up in my Snuggie and it doesn’t seem so important.

S’mores – This may seem like a summer treat but I make them in the winter to direct the kids’ attention away from the fact that we haven’t left the house all weekend.

Books in Bed – Time seems to go slower in the winter and I’ve found that I get to read a lot more. I’ve enjoyed some wonderful stories over the past few weeks of my self-imposed exile from the outside world.

I think because it gets dark early in the evening and there’s usually a wind blowing through the trees, I’ve been reading mysteries more than anything else. Despite the subject matter, they are light quick reads with a rush of excitement on a wintry night. I’m a big fan of the cozy kind and prefer a quirky heroine who just happens to be riding her bike to the store and winds up solving a mystery! Of course if she happens to be interested in the handsome sheriff then that makes it all the better.

How are you surviving this year’s wintry mix?


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  1. I love snuggling down with a good book or seven in the winter. And I agree the wind howling or even snow falling just lends to the ambiance

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