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In 10 Years

by on January 25, 2013

I’ve sure we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. No, I’m not talking about pulling a prank or having a humiliating incident. I’m talking about looking into the future. More specifically, about being a kid and having a teacher ask of where do you see yourself in ten years.

I was in high school when my English teacher assigned the whole class to write a magazine style interview with your future self. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Out of all the students who wrote their articles, most didn’t reach their goals. Some goals were too far-fetched, while others were realistic and plausible. Mine was considered to be a bit bizarre. I stated that in ten years I will be a published author. They laughed at me, said many people had my dream and didn’t make anything of it, how would I be different?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my little school-time project, and it hit me, it’s been ten years. I graduated in December of 2003, and now it’s January of 2013. A whole ten years later, I had accomplished my dream.

To mark the decade, I made another ten-year goal. This time, I plan on being a full-time (no day job) author in another ten years. I believe with hard work it is possible.

What are your dreams? Did you ever have a similar school project? Did your youthful prediction come true?


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  1. Angelina, your post hit home with me. I’ve always written, from the time I discovered books. And yes, that was a long time ago. 🙂 Back then, I wrote short stories and poems. Won a couple of awards and had one poem picked up by a local paper while still in grade school. Then in the 90’s I wrote and published for children. But I’ve always said that one day I would write a romance. No specific time frame, but one day. And I did. In fact, I’ve written several. I’m living my dream and content to craft stories when the muse strikes.

    Congratulations on fulfilling that high school dream. Hoping your next goal comes true for you, too. Hugs, girl! 🙂

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