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A Luscious Feature ~ Her Chosen Wolf by Renee Micheals

by on January 22, 2013

I lurve authors. Just thought I would put that out there. That said, I know some fabulous ones. Actually I think they are beyond great but that’s just my opinion. Renee Micheals happens to be a awesome author and actually a great friend.  She has saved me from many a faux pas in the literary world and finally agreed to let me feature her here on Luscious.  So take a look at the pretty I snagged from her and check out the blurb and excerpt below.

I should also mention that Renee can bring the fire so you might want to have a glass of water handy. If you leave a comment she might actually give me an interview. Hint, hint. Did I mention that Renee can be very private.


She chose the wolf she needed and got the man of her dreams.

The Were Chronicles, Book 1

Sent to live in the city long ago for her own protection, Saffa has always longed to return to her mountain home. She is a multimorph, and women of her rare bloodline are highly prized by those who aspire to supreme power over the pack. The last thing she wants to be is anyone’s stepping stone—especially Bardo Redmaven’s. Justice Ambervane would be her first choice…if only he’d stop holding her at arm’s length.

The wolf within Justice would eagerly take Saffa as his mate, but for secret reason of his own, his human conscience has always resisted. He can’t believe Saffa risked coming out of hiding, even to warn him of the disturbing activities of the power-hungry Redmaven clan. She’s dangerously close to her first breeding cycle, and giving in to her irresistible scent makes him a marked man. And Saffa even more of a target.

What he needs is backup, and there’s only one wolf he trusts enough: Drew. As the coming fight backs all three of them into a tight corner, the heat explodes into a passion that Justice wonders if he’ll live to regret…

Excerpt ~

Had she died and gone to hell? She must have because the furnace-like heat surrounding her made her skin tight and achy. The warmth pressing into her body had a strange weightiness to it, making it almost impossible to move. Saffa wiggled restlessly to break away from the oppressive heaviness.

Opening her eyes took more effort than it should have, but it was worth the effort. The concern in the glowing amber eyes inches from her own sent a flood of relief through her.

Justice. He’d found her.

She smiled wearily up at him. “I want a Tootsie Pop?” she croaked.

His full-bellied laugh at the mention of the candy they shared a weakness for told him she was fine. The bulky masses packed tightly around her shifted to life. One by one, wolves lifted their heads to nuzzle her before leaping off the bed to trot out of the room. Justice untangled his body from hers and rose from the bed.

Hell, she’d been in bed with Justice and his pack brothers and hadn’t been coherent enough to a take advantage of it.

“What the hell were you thinking, jumping into the river like that?” Justice admonished, tucking the blankets around her shoulders.

“I didn’t jump. I was helped into it by the insult of a bridge you built,” she shot back weakly. “Besides, I was trying to get away from Bardo at the time.” She licked her chapped lips.

His face hardened into grim lines. “How did he come to be anywhere near you? You were supposed to stay in the city.” He said the word “city” like it was an epithet. He slid an arm under her shoulders, lifted her and held a glass of water to her lips.

She’d have to bare her soul to explain to him the real reason why she came. “I wanted to come home, be with my family for a while. The minute I drove onto pack territory, I was surrounded by Bardo and his boys.” She managed a lopsided smirk. “Their toys aren’t so pretty anymore. I T-boned Bardo’s Hummer.” His responding grin warmed her and took her breath away.

Damn, down girl. His grin tugged at the animal in her, and worse, the woman in her responded to it fully. She sat up gingerly and swung her legs over the side of the bed to prevent herself from drooling over him. Little good it did her.

Unable to help herself, she allowed her eyes to roam freely over him. The shaggy fall of black, silver-flecked hair belied the youthfulness of his face. His wide brow was broken by a ferocious frown as he took in the black and blue blotches covering her body. Somehow, it didn’t detract from his masculine beauty. The smooth planes of his face ended in a strong, determined jaw. She had always been tempted to flick her tongue in the cleft in his chin, but she’d restrained herself.

Justice was tall and powerfully built, his shoulders and thighs stretched the denim he wore tautly over them. She ached to slip her hand under the cloth and smooth her fingers over his bare skin. Imagining the sinew bunching and quivering under her palms had her muscles pulsing.

Saffa curled her hands into tight fists to curb the urge to touch him. Justice was a man in his prime, and she couldn’t make such an overture and not expect a response from him. She was afraid of another rebuff. He’d always gently but firmly turned her down.

“Yeah, you did a real job on their rides. What did you learn to drive in, bumper cars?” He handed her the robe she’d given him for Christmas and she slid her arms into the soft sleeves of the cashmere wrap. She was grateful for the shield it provided from Justice’s probing amber eyes. His expression changed subtly. For the first time, it held the yearning of a man looking at the woman he wanted. Their eyes clung, and what she saw in Justice’s gave her hope.

She took a step forward, but the spell broke when he took a step back.

“No, I took one of those courses that teach you to get away from potential kidnappers.” She cringed inwardly as soon as the words slipped from her lips. It would be too much to hope he’d let it pass.

“You live in the city in a protected compound. Why would you need such a skill?” His eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“Not by choice, and I took the classes because they were the prize from a contest I won,” she bit out, thrusting out her chin defiantly. “I want to come home, Justice. Living in the city is killing me.”

“You gave me your word, Saffa.”

“And I kept it. I stayed in the city as you asked. I stayed as long as I could, but it has become unbearable. I’ve enjoyed my time with Rick and his crew, taken advantage of everything the city has to offer, but I want to come home. I’m homesick.”

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  1. Looks like a wonderful read. Thank you for the excerpt.

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