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It’s Time To Begin

by on January 19, 2013

I have butterflies in my stomach and excitement makes my heart race just a bit more. Today is my very first RWA meeting, and it’s coming just after I received the acceptance to RWA Pro status. I said this year I was going to be brave. Get out there more and take risks. You might not guess it from my writing, but I can be on the shy side. Yeap. I hold back , play wallflower until I get a wee bit more comfortable. But this time I’m diving straight in. I wanted to wait until I got back to share all the wonderful people I’ll met , but I guess it’ll have to wait for another time. :snaps fingers in regret:

I’ve done more than just book a meeting, I went for one of my dream pubs, Amira, and I nabbed it! My release, Sorrow’s Muse is due out February 15th. Never in a million years did I think I’d see my name on their website five years earlier when I was devouring their books. It’s a milestone in my career. Even now I have moments where this journey doesn’t feel quite real. I wanted to share my shiny, new, book trailer with you here first. I hope you enjoy !

Sorrow’s Muse

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00074]


But Colette was never one for rules so she strikes a deal with the goddess of love. She has one year on earth to tell Julian what she truly is. Then he must make his choice, her or his talent.

Badly scarred in a fire that took his entire family Julian Sorrow is bitter and twisted by rejection and ridicule. Convinced his ability to make music is all he has to offer he’s given up on love. Can the sexy , mysterious new neighbor, Colette Starvos change that?


❤ Shyla


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