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Winter Break…to keep you warm

by on January 18, 2013


Season’s change but love is still the goal at Arista University.  Summer School, brought on Fall Sports and now Winter Break has c

ome to my fictional University where you’ll find students, faculty and even the alumni will discover love if even for one night.

Now available from Rebel Ink Press-Winter Break

Savannah Tripp’s life had been filled with athletic competition to the point she’d lost herself and desires.

Linc, Jace and Nash are from Savannah’s hometown and have worked on her family farm for years.  Growing up around the blond beauty and watching her toned body as it glided across the water had filled all the guys fantasies, but she’d always seemed an unattainable princess in a tower above them.

Hard times have hit the prosperous Tripp family and Savannah’s in need of a ride home.  The guys she’d avoided for years are her only hope, but as a storm bears down they find themselves in a motel with nothing but pent up desires.  Savannah will soon learn that not only has she been the fantasy to all of them…one has always held a place for her in his heart, but will both their bruised egos come between them or will they discover love over Winter Break.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomanceebooks and Bookstrand


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